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The Jacksons

Aaron about Robin:

During a great revival in Alma in 1997, I got to be a part of our youth ministry jumping from 30 to 120 over night, and served there along side an amazing group of young adults who served so selflessly as youth leaders. One of those youth leaders was my bride-to-be, Robin Moore. Although we had both “kissed dating goodbye”, we got to know a lot about each other from our years of service with our youth and young adults. Then, at the end of 1998, the Lord asked me to propose to her, even though we had never even dated or expressed any previous interest in one another. After some fasting and prayer, she agreed, and we began courting and receiving pre-marriage counseling right away. Then, on March 14th, 1999, we were married in front of about 300 people (who we sneakily sucked into being there by scheduling on the same day that Darrell Evans was going to be leading worship).

The call of the Lord on Robin for prayer and intercession is strong, and her prophetic giftings and pastoral heart are intense. I can think of no one else in the world that I would want standing beside me, partnering with me in the place of prayer and ministry to “pre-believers” and to our Family of believers. If life, the kids, and I would let her, she would probably spend half of every day in the place of prayer. I believe the Lord is going to make a way to that place for her.

Friends about Aaron:

For whatever reason (because it certianly isn’t a spot-on voice or guitar virtuosity), the Lord has anointed me to help others encounter and connect to Himself through musical worship. A friend recently described that anointing in this way (paraphrased):

“Aaron, there are few people I’ve ever met who have the ability to create an opening in the heavens when they lead worship like you do.”

Please believe me, I do not quote that with any (read “much”, or “I hope”) pride. I fully understand that it is absolute nothing that I do - no routine, no intensity of private devotional times, etc - that has allowed me to, in any way, “obtain” this anointing. I pull my guitar out of its case with a sense of incompetence every time - knowing that if the Lord doesn’t show up, I won’t even be good entertainment (and some times that happens, and it’s confirmed - I am not very good entertainment).

But, even having said that, I do believe that very attitude has come from things spoken to me and over me through the years, and that the Lord desires to impart that anointing to all believers in the Body of Christ - whether they are worship leaders, musicians, singers, or not. The Lord desires worshipers who just want Him, and know that they can only get Him if He decides to be gotten (”We love because He first loved us”), and then they decide to go after Him (”Draw near to <Him> and <He> will draw near to you”).

Aaron about The Jacksons: 

In December of 2000 we had our first of three children, Israel Shava Jackson - the most beautiful daughter ever. We went on to have “three in three years” to complete the new “Jackson Five” - Gideon Halal Jackson was born in June of 2002, and David Hilkiah Kalek was born in September of 2003. Israel and Gideon both committed their lives to the Lord on the same day, apart from each other, or even knowing the other had done so, during “The Call - Nashville” on 07/07/07.

Robin and I served together as full-time ministers up until just after “9/11″, 2001. And, although unrelated, it was right at that time that the Lord began separating us from our church family at Grace Covenant, and called me back into a “kingly time” (versus the previous “priestly time”) of vocational training and earning. After opening a computer store with a dear friend from high school (Computer Solutions), Robin and I began serving and attending a wonderful new congregation (Mt Olive).

The Lord wants us to equip worshipers and facilitate worship and prayer by serving congregations in our region who recognize this need, and by establishing a venue for consistent prayer and worship in the Fort Smith River Valley region.

Our hearts value (and have been captivated) by many other facets of “ministry” (truly read “service”) and by domestic and foreign missions, and we believe the Lord will also provide opportunities for us to help serve or facilitate many other types of ministry beyond what most people think of as a “prayer room” model. So, try not to stereotype or pigeon-hole what we’re envisioning for our region - we don’t want to recreate any other model or ministry; we want what the Most High God wants for our region, and we intend to contend with Him for “His Kingdom come, His will be done” in the River Valley, in our state, in our nation, and in our world, “like it is in heaven”.

Aaron about Aaron Jackson:

I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, lived between Alma and Van Buren all throughout school, attended Alma Public Schools and graduated from Alma High School, and later from the University of Arkansas - Fort Smith with a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology - Programming.

In 1995, I responded again to the call of God on my life to live with Him as my Lord and friend. I began attending Grace Covenant Church where I served with the worship team, youth ministry, and young adults. I was added to the staff (starting as very part-time) in 1996, and was ordained and made full-time Youth Minister/Worship Leader/Administrator in March of 1999.

After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I began working for a company owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company called Wingfoot Commercial Tire as a Software Developer. Four years of college and two years of programming later, the Lord called me back to full-time service to His Body; His Bride.

The Lord called us to spend a season of faster, praying, and training at in internship called “Intro to IHOP” at the International House of Prayer Missions Base in Kansas City.  We spent 3-and-a-half months there asking the Lord to deepen our love and revelation of Him, and to show us clearly how to serve The Body of Christ, the family of God in our home region (The Fort Smith River Valley - or The Greater Fort Smith Region, as the chamber of commerce would have us put it).

Currently, we are back in the Fort Smith area, living in Van Buren, and facilitating and participating in numerous prayer meetings hosted by numerous congregations all around our region.

Robin about Robin Jackson:

At age seven I was picked up by a bus ministry and I “asked Jesus into my heart.”  Thank you Lord.  I came from a family full of drugs and violence.  I went to church simply because I felt safe there, it truly was a sanctuary for me.

Ten years later, I let the sin of judging the church overtake me.  My sin led me away from God, as it always does.  I fell hard and fast away from God.  I hate to say “fell” because it was all out rebellion.  It was more like a dead run!

When I was twenty-two He gently reminded me of His love.  Honestly, I had ran out of stupid things to try.  For about two months the subject of Him just kept coming to my mind.  The reality of the situation was a girl Brought Revival into my work place!  She had just come from a revival service in Alma.  I was reading a secular book about miracles someone had just given me so I asked her, “Do you believe in miracles?”  She had just come back from a mission trip to India and had seen tumors fall off a woman’s face!  I know it was prayer during those revival services and God creating divine appointments that led me and a lot of other people in the area to the Lord.  A few months later I had an encounter with God himself.  I felt God’s presence and knew it was Him.  I called that girl and told her I wanted to hear some people talk about God.  She took me to a home group and after that I thought it was safe enough to visit her congregation.  I didn’t exactly feel like church member material.  Turns out I was exactly what they were looking for, someone in need of Jesus.  That’s the same way I would describe myself today… in need of Jesus.

That’s when I made Jesus Lord of my life.  That was ‘97.  And you know the rest. I married the best looking, most godly man there and we now have three cool kids.  My kids love to cuddle, read and pray on the mic.  They didn’t get the last one from me.

We did this really wonderful internship this summer where I got to pray A LOT and just sit and spend real time with the Lord.  I loved it.  I miss it.  I know during that season of waiting on the Lord He gave me direction.  God reminded me of a promise I made to Him when I was twelve at Baptist Vista (church camp) - so, now I’m headed to Africa.  He was Serious about that altar call.  I’m going in April to Rwanda & Burundi.  Wow.


Comment from Nyla
Time: September 25, 2007, 6:17 pm

And I want to read Robin’s personals! Where-oh-where are they?? :)

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