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Homeschool and other acts of obedience.

We knew before we were married that we would home school our future children. Even though I was working at a great Christian school at the time .

Well the kids are here now and the decision to home school and the home schooling itself is a little more involved than I once thought.

The biggest problem is not even the kids. It’s me. I feel inadequate and then get freaked out.

In that nervousness I forget that He said to do it and I come up with reasons a, b, and c, of why I am doing it. And I can say in my head, ‘I’m a good parent because I home school.’ Or vast array of other self bolstering comments to get my self worth and/or identity from anywhere else but God.

I rely on my reasoning and forget that I’m only doing it because He told me to.

There are a million things that get that way. Things just become something that they weren’t intended to be. I start out listening to the Lord. Then the thing He asked me to do becomes bigger and better than Him in my own life. And it always takes up more of my thoughts and energy than it should.

When people ask me why I home school or why I do anything else I do (no matter how great or small the task) I want to say because He told me to.

When it comes down to it…Simple obedience is better than High Ideals or Moral Conviction.


Comment from Robin
Time: October 23, 2007, 6:27 pm

Two thoughts:

I so admire parents who trust and obey God concerning their children’s education, my friend Jennifer D. in particular.

And I am Thankful for the fact we have so many good options due to our geographic location in the world. Thank you Father!

Comment from Misty Hays (Jackson)
Time: October 25, 2007, 2:52 pm


I am so proud of the way you are educating your children. I admire your strength to get up every day and teach them. You alone are molding them into who they will become and giving them the knowledge they need to be successful men and women.

God has placed within you the ability to do what you need to do. He is looking upon you and saying “job well done my faithful daughter”. You should find peace in knowing that.

With much love,

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