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All of Your Heart

I am one of those guys that the Lord gave a revelation of how our emotions were created specifically for Him; by Him.  And, when someone blames someone else’s zeal for the Lord, or their expression of worship to Him on “emotional hype”, it has always bothered me. In Mark 12:20, when asked what the greatest commandment was, Jesus told His listeners,

“love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and all your strength.”

He was quoting from The Law, given to Moses by the Lord, as recorded in Deuteronomy 6:5:

“You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.”

Why did Jesus add to it?  Look close… “all your mind”.   That wasn’t in the Old Testament, so why did Jesus say it that way?  The answer lies in the words that were used.  Both passages say the exact same thing, and are worded in such way to make sure that the listener would know that “all your <insert word>” really meant “every single part of your <insert word>”.  Take a look…

Deuteronomy 6:5

  • heart = 03824 = lebab = inner man, mind, will, heart, soul, understanding, inner part, midst
  • soul = 05315 = nephesh = self, appetite, mind, desire, emotion, passion
  • might = 03966 = ma’od = force in the highest degree

Mark 12:30

  • heart = 2588 = kardia = the literal heart, also regarded as the “seat of all phyiscal and spiritual life”, will, desires, and affections
  • soul = 5590 = psukha (or psyche) = breath (of life), vital source that animates us, the seat of feelings, desires, affections, and aversions, the part of us not “dissolved by death”
  • mind = 1271 = dianoia = faculty of understanding, feeling, and desiring - understanding, thoughts, imagination
  • strength = 2479 = ischys = ability, force, strength, might, power

The Lord really went out of His way in both the Old and New Testament to make sure that we understood what He desired from us - nay, what He expected (even commanded) of us.  Let me write it in such a way that expresses what the listeners of Jesus and Moses might have heard:

“You are to intimately desire the Lord Your God with the very core of your life, your will, and all of your loving affections. You are to strive to love Him with your eternal inner being, and your every breath.  You are to passionately pursue love for Him in your understanding, your thoughts, and your feelings.  And, with all of the physical strength and ability you possess, run to Him.”

The Almighty Father had His bridegroom Son in mind when He created His bride for Him.  He had HIMSELF in mind when He created each us.  In His jealousy, He desired us, and would ask for nothing less than for our every desire and affection to be lavished upon Him and His Son. 

So, you can call the next extravagant worshiper or empassioned preacher you see “too emotional”, “hyper-spiritual”, or even “flakey” if you would like - but I warn you: that would be like you slandering my beautiful bride, Robin, to my face - there would be consequences.  I wonder what the Lord’s consequences would be for You if you continued slandering His bride?

All of that being said, I found myself doing the same thing up here at IHOP.  A couple of times, an instructor has gotten up and said something similar to, “I really felt the presence of God ramp up in here.”  In each of those situations, something had happened that would easily pull on the heart strings of just about any human in the room.  So, my thought was, “hmm… it seems a little wrong to equate an obviously emotional experience with the presence of God.”  I mean, really, does that mean the song Butterfly Kisses (which does make me cry everytime I hear it, now that I have my own precious baby girl - sniff), or the majority of the movie Braveheart is anointed with the very presence of God just because it stirs us emotionally?

I’m about to shock you, and even myself… Yes.

Well, kind of.  It’s not that they particularly carry any sort of anointing, but the things that move us emotionally are the very things that move and stir the emotions of God.  We were created in His image.  Both of us, male and female.  How often in the Bible does it speak about having a “hard heart” - do you think it just meant “hard to the Lord”?  Can your heart be hardened to the Lord and still be soft in other areas? (Not to be confused with having a reprobate mind - and being calloused to the conviction of the Spirit.)  Why are so many green, earth, animal rights type people so hateful and mean to people who don’t agree with them?  Well, it’s probably the same reason many so-called Christians are the same way - they have shut themselves off from the emotional pursuit of God and to the tenderness and vulnerability that it requires.

Let’s just take those two poor examples I listed above as it relates to how in the world they could be equated with the emotions or presence of the Lord.

Butterfly Kisses
Wow! You want to talk about the “Father Heart of God”.  He is a loving, jealous Father who longs for us to call Him, “Abba, Papa, Daddy!”  He greatly desires our affections and our undivided attention.

He is the jealous, avenging Lover-Warrior, who gives His life, even unto torture and death, to avenge His bride, and so that the people who believe in Him can be free.

And it was like an instructor was sharing yesterday - the plot-lines of the Bible (which are all true and real) are the same plot-lines of almost every successful work of art and literature created by humans.  That’s because these are the things that move the ultimate creator, Yah.  It’s because they are reality, they are destined to really happen, and because He has given us His emotions, and written His convictions on our hearts.

  • The girl is wrongly forced into the place of abject slavery, poverty, mire, and other abusive and obverse things.
  • The girl has an encounter with the Hero/King, captures His heart, and is herself woo’d and enthralled in love by Him.
  • The villian, being too cowardly and weak to face the Hero directly, emprisons the girl.
  • The villian begins to brainwash the girl into thinking she isn’t good enough for the Hero, or sometimes even orchestrates scenarios to convince the girl that the Hero doesn’t love her, or is in love with another more gracious and beautiful.
  • The Hero finally makes it to the girl, but is often times rejected by her, because of her own insecurities and the deceptions to which she has fallen prey.
  • The Hero defeats the villian.
  • The Hero steals the girl away, as she realizes that His heart really is for her, and they live happily ever after.

Just as the heavens declare the glory of God, and the skies show His handiwork, you can even find the heart and revelations of God in all creation - even (while practicing discernment and making it line up with scripture) in the creations of His creation - the works of man.

So, I encourage you to search hard after the Lord, and to pursue Him with all of your affections and desires - and when the villian comes, that eternal accuser, run to the King, our Hero, bow down, and kiss Him.


Comment from Jennifer Mckinney
Time: June 12, 2007, 3:06 pm

this is really good wow I wish i was not interrupted 30 times trying to read it all.

Comment from Aaron
Time: June 12, 2007, 3:11 pm

Yeah - it’s really long. Sorry. I’ve been trying to break the bigger ones up into multiple posts, but - I couldn’t find a good logical point to do that to this one.

Comment from Shayne Mckinney
Time: June 13, 2007, 8:37 am

Nice post.
Jewish Rabbi’s have been known to say something like. “Who has the power to create?”, “Does Satan have the power to create?” No God is the creator, “Ecc. says their is nothing knew.” so anything we see in any movie or any story we read has already been thought of and existed to God our creator, Satan can only pervert and change something he cannot create anything original himself. Thus all other religions or works of art by man should have some part of Gods truth in them, although it may be in a twisted or perverted since. We can glean a lot of understanding from looking at a work such as braveheart, king kong, or Forest Gump and seeking out the truth of God in that, and also looking for the places the enemy or man perverts it. We can then become more aware of where the enemy tries to change us or our teachings.

Comment from Nick Weisenfels
Time: June 26, 2007, 11:16 pm

“”"So, I encourage you to search hard after the Lord, and to pursue Him with all of your affections and desires - and when the villian comes, that eternal accuser, run to the King, our Hero, bow down, and kiss Him.”"”

YES!! Bravo!

Elder Porphyrios said this:
“Ignore Satan and instead focus on Christ. If you try to fight the devil, he will win because he is stronger than you. If you ignore him he will get bored and eventually go away. Focus on Christ instead.”

That was paraphrased, but you get the point. Exactly what you said up there. Right on!

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