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A Cancer-Free Zone

I believe it was back in September during a solemn assembly hosted by the New Wineskins Prayer Room in downtown Ft Smith, when the Lord began to have us sing about “a cancer-free zone” in the Fort Smith river valley… that He was wanting to give the Church in this region authority over cancer, and that He would provide alternative occupations for oncologists if we would press-in and contend for this prophetic invitation He was offering us - so far, there are 4 confirmed “we’re positive it’s cancer because of it’s growth signatures, but we prayed, and the biopsies have come back completely cancer-free” and 2 (maybe 3) miraculous complete healings of people who were cancer-ridden and living on borrowed/prescribed time by their doctors… all in about 6 weeks time — the Lord is up to something in the river valley.

My point in writing this post this wonderful winter’s evening wasn’t to share the individual testimonies of these occurances so far, as much as it was to invite you to join us in this completely humiliating act of faith-stretching.  The Lord is asking us to ask for something, to pray things, and to claim things that run a high-risk of making us look like complete idiots - things we can not possibly fake or skirt.  He is asking us to ask for the “greater things than these, you will do” things.  He’s asking us to live like Jesus lived, where the world couldn’t contain the accounts of the miraculous things He did while walking the earth those 30-something years; where, like Him, we would go “town to town and village to village sharing the gospel of the kingdom and healing EVERY sickness and EVERY disease among the people there.”

Trying to imagine the hundreds of believers in Van Buren, Arkansas, plus the hundreds in Alma, plus the hundreds in Greenwood, plus the thousands in Ft Smith all walking in this faith, in this invitation, that the Lord will give us authority specifically and powerfully over cancer, is mind boggling.  Can you imagine the thousands of people who will begin to journey to our region to receive prayer when the word gets out?  Do we really believe that these kind of shear numbers of miraculous healings could even be possible?  Of course we don’t - not without “gifts of faith” that He gives us in order for us to be able to wrap our minds around the reality that is “His ways” instead of ours.

I received word last week from a faithful intercessor who has been praying over our region for, literally, decades.  About 15 years ago, they felt like the Lord wanted them to begin to pray for our region - that He was wanting to make it a “valley of refuge, healing, deliverance, equipping, and sending.”  This Word was echo’d (unknowingly, and we believe prophetically) by Rick Ridings (at one time from this area, but now running a 24/7 house of prayer in Jerusalem) at a visit to Grace Covenant Church in Alma, Arkansas some 12+ years ago.  The Lord was showing him a handful of “valleys of refuge”… places of power that the Lord was going to establish as the great and terrible day of the Lord gets closer and closer - the Fort Smith river valley was one of these valleys.

These faithful intercessors told me, too, that the Lord had moved them to begin praying for the civilian leaders of our region, that they would have foresight and wisdom to initiate and complete infrastructure projects that would allow our region to handle the torrents of people who will flock in-and-out of this valley of refuge.  I don’t know how much this “cancer-free zone” has to do with all of that, if anything… but, I’m excited and encouraged and fueled in my prayers.

Ask the Lord for gifts of faith to be able to wrestle with Him about His will to give YOU authority of cancer through your prayers for the sick.  Then start praying for people, with humility, with abandon.  You won’t make God look bad if the person isn’t healed - even if they end up using that excuse at some point in their life.  The Lord is not concerned with His reputation; nor should you be with His or yours.  “You have not because You ask not.”  Start Asking!

And, please, feel free to share any & all testimonies specifically regarding the healing/authority over cancer with us.


Comment from Brian Fields
Time: January 30, 2008, 6:47 am

Aaron, the Lord truly is “up to something.” About 6-8 weeks ago during prayer one of my best friends, Dwayne Bell declared the River Valley to be a “Cancer Free Zone!” This resonated with me so much that I posted it on our prayer board in the Intercession Room at CCF (City Christian Fellowship.) A few weeks later I read your post with the exact same declaration, “Cancer Free Zone!” What are the odds?

Thank you for your service to the King, “Now to Him who is able…” Jude 24

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