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Vehicles - Who needs’em?

When we made our first trip to Kansas City in my 1993 Isuzu Trooper pulling a trailer with our kids beds, my brake light came on (on the dash board).  Before leaving back to Van Buren for round two of moving, I had a mechanic look at it.  He said that the actual “rotor” was bent on one of the front wheels, that the master cylinder had to be replaced, that my brake fluid was only 5% full (but shouldn’t ever deplete unless there’s a leak), that my muffler wasn’t connected on either side (the pipes had rusted & broke), and that it was going to be $1800 - WITH my IHOP discount.

So with that and rising gas prices, we decided to just take one vehicle back to Kansas City (Robin’s van), and just to endure any inconveniences that might arise (and save a lot on gas).  Well, right before we left, we had to have both of her front axles replaced (I didn’t know they were separated into left and right), and her front brakes replaced, totalling about $400 that had to come out of our Kansas City Moving budget.

Now, we have a tire going flat every 2-3 days, so we’re going to have to replace that, too.

So, please join us in praying for about $500 to cover those unbudgeted subtractions from our internship money.  We’ll worry about the Trooper when we get back to Arkansas.

We love you, and are humbled by having to be this transparent in our needs.


Comment from Aaron
Time: June 9, 2007, 8:16 am

Well, we were driving back from swimming with the kids and the tire gave up the spirit - wow - yeah, since the word translated as ’spirit’ is usually ‘wind’, that works. Anyway…

We ended up replacing two instead of just the one that blew (and man, did it blow - like split a quarter of the way around the tread on the back side) for a grand total of $212.00.

“Lord, thank you for releasing your provision, even now, and please rebuke the devourer on our behalf. So be it.”

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