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Redeem the Tithe

In case you didn’t hear the crazy testimony of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to speak clearly and provide precisely for our trip to Kansas City for the three month internship that we are currently in the first week of (at the time of this writing) I’ll post more about that later.

In short, we needed a clear “Yes” from the Lord on whether we were even SUPPOSE to go to KC for this internship, and, if so, whether to go in May or August, and then, we needed him to either open the door or close it financially, because the very next day was the last day of my job as a System Developer/Analyst(computer programmer and solution creator).  Well, the very next day, we received a phone call from someone wanting to pay ALL of our base-line living expenses and the cost of the internship itself, as well as the mortgage and necessities to keep our home in Van Buren, too.

 Of course, we didn’t “budget” our tithe - you can take that one of two ways… we KNEW we were going to tithe, we just didn’t feel like it was appropriate to “budget” it, as we would give off of all that we received.  Well, the tithe off of that gift alone exceeded what we budgeted for an actual month’s living expenses, i.e. groceries, gas, utilities, etc.

Please partner with us in praying and believing for the Lord’s continued provision as we look forward to the end of the internship and the move back to Van Buren in late August.

If you feel led to give, you can go to the Donations page (whose button is on the left up there) and use the “Make Donation” button for a one time gift, or one of the larger buttons at the bottom to do automated monthly support.  You can also send it to:

710 Duck Rd
Grandview, MO 64030

If you want it to be tax deductible, please make the check payable to “Like David Did” and do not put our names anywhere on it (not even the “memo” field).  Otherwise, the IRS allows us to receive gifts up to $11,000 without having to pay taxes on them, but you won’t get a tax deduction either - and if that’s okay with you, just make it payable to “Aaron Jackson”.


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