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January Partnership Opportunities

This post is a continuation/supplement to our January Partner Update humbling outlining some of our current needs and partnership opportunities. 

Current Prayer Needs

We’ve seen the attack on those involved in prayer in the valley really ramp up the last few weeks.  Please pray for physical, spiritual, emotional, moral, and mental protection for The Jacksons and the people devoting themselves to this fight of faith.

Pray for unity amongst the Body, His Church, and the local ministries in the region.  It is great now, but the enemy, the accuser, that Father of Lies and Lord of the Air looks for every opportunity to create division.

Ask the Lord to give us wisdom and revelation, knowledge of Him and His Son, and hope in this calling to us.  That we would have the right words to speak, the right heart to share, and the right visions to cast.

Remember Robin’s trip to Africa coming up in April.  You guys and The Lord have really came through on the finances.  Continue to pray for a door to open for His Word to run swiftly in Rwanda and Burundi, and for wisdom and discernment for those scheduled to go on this specific trip.

Current Physical Needs

Immediate Prayer Ministry Needs. In-ear monitors are a necessity for this type of interaction and flow.  We have to be able to hear clearly what is being prayed and sang, and have to be able to adjust those levels on the fly individually.  We also have to keep the volume on the stage as low as possible so that the overall room volume and intelligibility is maintained without the muddy bounce-back that using conventional “monitor wedges” cause.  Fortunately, we were blessed with the funds to purchase one of the best in-ear systems available and four of the individual mixers for four team members.  However, we really need 8 total mixers, their bracket hardware, and the distribution unit that allows us to feed all of them with a single network cable instead of daisy chaining them all from the sound booth.  That addition of these 4 mixer units, their hardware, and the distribution unit will be right at $3000.  Luckily, this entire system will be re-usable in our eventual permanent installation when a facility is established, making this not only an immediate necessity, but a good investment as well. 

The Roof. A windstorm back in October dislodged a section of shingles on our house.  Now, almost every other day we find another shingle or two in our yard.  The hole is becoming bigger, and it’s the original roof/shingles/felt from when the house was built about 20 years ago.  We’ve received 3 estimates spanning from $2600 to $3800 - but know that this HAS to be taken care of prior to the wet spring weather or it’s going to get very bad.

Aaron’s Car.  On the move to Kansas City this summer my vehicle started exhibiting several bad signs.  When I had it looked over by a mechanic affiliated with IHOP, the diagnosis was very bad.  A rotor (or something) is warped in the wheel itself that cannot be retooled without tearing the whole side apart, and the master cylinder needs to be replaced - meaning that my brakes are very iffy.  The muffler is no longer attached to the pipe that extends out the back.  The A/C doesn’t work.  I have to manually remove/replace a fuse every time I start/stop the car to keep the battery from dying.  One of the doors barely open and the locking mechanism has fallen inside the door… etc..etc.. hehe… I just thought listing it all would be funny.  It’s a 1993 Isuzu Trooper that I actually love - but I’m not sure if the $2000 or so it would take to fix it is a wise investment in a car that old.

Fully Funding Our Personal Cost of Living.  Fortunately, the Lord has given us a great buffer to allow us more time to get our personal cost of living fully funded through support raising, by putting us on staff at Heritage Church in Van Buren for this season.  However, we know that it would be unwise of us to stop raising the remaining support needed during this time because it _IS_ only a season, and a window for us to get our support raised completely for our monthly budget.  As more and more support is raised that allows our combination of earned income and support to exceed our monthly budget, we will do one of three things with the excess money: (A) give to other missionaries, (B) sow into the prayer ministry physically - equipment, etc, and (C) pay off remaining debt to allow our overall monthly budget requirement to decrease.

If you are led to give to any of these needs, you can give in a few different ways.  If you would like the gift to be tax-deductible, you can make the check payable to “Like David Did” and we will make sure you get a receipt for your taxes.  If you do not care if the gift is tax deductible, please just make the check payable to “Aaron Jackson”.  If the gift is over $12,000, please make it payable to “Like David Did” NOT us personally.  If you would like to give on-line, you can do so by going to our Partnering page and using the buttons provided.  If you would like to pay a monthly amount different than the quick buttons I set-up, I can easily take care of that.

Checks may be mailed to:
The Jacksons
1000 Flat Rock Dr
Van Buren, AR 72956


Please, please, please send us your prayer requests and resulting good reports.  Spending the amount of time the Lord has asked us to spend in prayer is much easier when we have specific people and things for which to be praying.  And hearing the resulting good reports is great fuel for perservering in this place of prayer.

We bless you, and thank you again to all of you who have already supported us with your prayers and giving.

The Jacksons


Comment from ChriS
Time: January 29, 2008, 10:03 pm

Hello Friends,

Know that we are praying for you and the work from IHOP-KC. The Jackson’s are the “real deal” know that if you support them you really are partnering with the Global Prayer movment and the Kingdom of God! Fergusons are covering the Jackson’s in prayer!

Comment from Aaron
Time: February 19, 2008, 4:56 pm

YAY God…The roofers are coming! Of course, God made a way, and I am Very thankful. Praise you Lord!

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