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Thank you for your interest in partnering with us as we devote ourselves to the Lord, His gospel, His Family, and to the equipping of the saints for effectual & fervent prayer, fasting, and worship.  As “senders”, we believe that you will join with us (”the sent”) in the full rewards of our obedience and ministry - ministry to the Lord, to the saints, and to the pre-believers that the Lord is giving us as part of the upcoming Great Harvest.

It is our belief (and that of many others) that the Lord is going to establish a “zone of glory” and/or “valley of refuge” in the Fort Smith River Valley.  There have also been numerous prophetic invitations for our region in the last 50 years saying that a great revival that would affect the entire nation would ripple out of the dynamic work that the Lord is wanting to do in this region.  We have accepted the invitation of the Lord to partner with Him in seeing these things come into being.  Through prayer, fasting, worship, and divinely fueled ministry we will see the fulfilment of these words.

Currently, Aaron is back to working a full-time secular job, and leading worship each week at three different local congregations in Van Buren, Arkansas. He also serves on the Crawford County National Day of Prayer committee, and serves each month at several other prayer and worship gatherings in homes, at conferences, or wherever people ask and the Lord says, “Yes!” We still believe that it is the Lord’s desire for us to be set apart for full-time missional living, and for Aaron to be able to devote time to developing Worship & Prayer resources, and your gifts will go towards that end.

All gifts are tax deductible.

If you would like to make a special gift today, just use the “Make a Donation” button below.  A PayPal account is NOT required for this action - just a debit/credit card or checking account routing information.

If you would like a convenient way to sign up to support us monthly using your debit/credit card (or PayPal account) you may do so using the buttons provided below. If you would like to give a different dollar amount, or wish to cancel a subscribed monthly amount, please feel free to contact us at any time.

We maintain an “Open Book Policy”, where you can see our budgets, expenses, needs, and contributions (although we do maintain the privacy of the actual donors).

If you would prefer to mail us your donation or correspondence, please send it to:

The Jacksons

Please make checks payable to “Like David Did” and do not write any people’s names on the check itself (this is an IRS rule for deductible contributions).

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