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Our Purpose

The call of the Lord on Robin for prayer and intercession is strong, and her prophetic giftings and pastoral heart are intense.  I can think of no one else in the world that I would want standing beside me, partnering with me in the place of prayer and ministry to ”pre-believers” and to our Family of believers.  If life, the kids, and I would let her, she would probably spend half of every day in the place of prayer.  I believe the Lord is going to make a way to that place for her.

For whatever reason (because it certianly isn’t a spot-on voice or guitar virtuosity), the Lord has anointed me to help others encounter and connect to Himself through musical worship.  A friend recently described that anointing in this way (paraphrased):

“Aaron, there are few people I’ve ever met who have the ability to create an opening in the heavens when they lead worship like you do.”

Please believe me, I do not say that with any (read “much”, or “I hope”) pride.  I fully understand that it is absolute nothing that I do - no routine, no intensity of private devotional times, etc - that has allowed me to, in any way, “obtain” this anointing.  I pull my guitar out of its case with a sense of incompetence every time - knowing that if the Lord doesn’t show up, I won’t even be good entertainment (and some times that happens, and it’s confirmed - I am not very good entertainment).

But, even having said that, I do believe that very attitude has come from things spoken to me and over me through the years, and that the Lord desires to impart that anointing to all believers in the Body of Christ - whether they are worship leaders, musicians, singers, or not.  The Lord desires worshipers who just want Him, and know that they can only get Him if He decides to be gotten (”We love because He first loved us”), and then they decide to go after Him (”Draw near to <Him> and <He> will draw near to you”).

He wants us to equip worshipers and facilitate worship and prayer by serving congregations in our region who recognize this need, and by establishing a venue for consistent prayer and worship in the Fort Smith River Valley region.

Our hearts value (and have been captivated) by many other facets of “ministry” (truly read “service”) and by domestic and foreign missions, and we believe the Lord will also provide opportunities for us to help serve or facilitate many other types of ministry beyond what most people think of as a “prayer room” model.  So, try not to stereotype or pigeon-hole what we’re envisioning for our region - we don’t want to recreate any other model or ministry; we want what the Most High God wants for our region, and we intend to contend with Him for “His Kingdom come, His will be done” in the River Valley, in our state, in our nation, and in our world, “like it is in heaven”.

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