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Not Despised

We are certianly not despising small beginnings - the Lord has really shown up the last two weekends as we’ve gathered for prayer and worship with believers from the area.  Last Saturday we joined Paul & Katie Howell from New Wineskin Ministries at the prayer room they have faithfully ran in downtown Ft Smith these last several months.  Tonight we just got back from a friend’s home in Van Buren.  The “fresh bread”, “now word of the Lord”, or whatever else you want to call that little breath He breathes on a gathering when You know that what you are singing and praying is what is really on His heart, has shown up both times.

Robin and I were both a little nervous, to be honest, about how all of this was going to turn out once we got back in to town and started putting our hands to what the Lord has called us - but, wow, He has so faithfully relieved those fears and demolished a lot of the “performance anxiety” that we get, even when we’re… ahem… mature enough to know that we’re not performing anyway.  Have we followed the “Harp & Bowl Model” as taught to us this summer at IHOP?  No.  Has it helped? Absolutely.  But that’s another discussion.  What has happened is that what was on the heart of the people gathered was put on the altar before the Lord, and then He gave us His heart, and allowed us to sing and pray it back to Him.  It’s amazing the “building-up” that takes place when You encounter the Lord’s heart and His faithfulness in this way.  Thank you, Lord!

Tonight, the Lord really had us dwell on themes around 1 Peter 2:1-5 & 9, Psalm 42, Isaiah 55, Colosians 1:9-11, and Ephesians 1:17-19.  He was asking us to cry out to Him for a real habitation of His spirit in us, to taste the food that He has for us, by listening, obeying, seeking, and just receiving.  I am so bad with “the addresses” of verses, but the Lord is definitely helping me out there.  I realized tonight that about 90% of what I sing when I’m singing spontaneously and/or prophetically is scripture almost word-for-word, and I couldn’t be more thankful to Him for that, and the seasons of preparation that He has put me through.

With that, I would strongly encourage you - whether you are “a harp” or “a bowl” - to really search the scriptures to gain the understanding, vocabulary, and will of the Lord on the topics you are praying and singing about.  Now, I’m not saying “just find the scriptures that seem to match what you want them to say”; Lord grace us to avoid that perversing work - but I am saying that You are His sheep, and You hear His voice.  So, when something is on your heart and on your mind to pray and sing about to Him, I bet it’s there in the scripture.  If you can’t find it, put it on a shelf and get counsel from those whom you know have gained some Godly wisdom; but, I bet you WILL find a lot of it, and then start using it for your prayers and your songs.  There’s no pressure to be “more creative”.  THE CREATOR Himself inspired the writing of this stuff, and He does not mind plagarism one bit.

If you would like to invite us and some of the church Family that you’re connected with into your living room for a time of prayer and worship, we’re down with that.  Check out the “From House to House” post, and then feel free to send us an e-mail directly or via our contact form.

We’ve also had a pretty sizable offer on some funds that would totally cover all of the sound & video equipment needs we would have in starting a full-instrumentation prayer room, and a good chunk (if not all) of the renovations.  And it couldn’t have come at a more divine time - after the Lord had really changed my heart to truly desire the small home gatherings, and He provided a way for us to earn a good chunk of our monthly support in a way that matches the “job description” that He gave me back in Topeka… after all of that dying to my own wants and worries, then He starts making a way for what we may have messed up if we were anxious about it and trying to make it happen.  Seriously, why would I start asking for funding to spend on some building and equipment before I knew our grocery budget was met?  That’s ludicrous.  But, the Lord has called some believers to build things, and others to support people (and some to do both I’m sure).

If you’re either of those types of people, I continue to humbly and joyfully offer you an opportunity to partner with us in seeing the Lord’s will to equip believers for a lifestyle of prayer, fasting, and worship that will radically transform the Fort Smith River Valley, and bring many to His saving knowledge.  If you want a gift to go towards the future facility, please just put that in your comments for online giving, or in a note or post-it in your mailed contributions.  And, of course, we’d love to sit down and talk with you about any of this stuff - just give me a shout.

Manifest Blessings!


Comment from Nyla
Time: September 2, 2007, 10:41 pm

Hey Aaron & Robin! Yay! I am so excited that you stepped out right away to do what you felt the Lord was calling you to do on getting back home!! You encourage me! I’d like to say something else super spiritual but I really want to say that I love the, “ahem…mature enough” remark!! Very funny! Miss you guys! Come back to KC SOON!

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