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January Partner Update

Hello to our faithful partners and friends.  Below you will find a quick update of some of what is going on in the river valley and a list of our current prayer and physical needs for your continued partnership. The excitement and expectation is just unbelievable in Robin and I these last few weeks.  The Lord is so obviously validating what He is calling us and this region to in this season.

Rallying the Watchmen

The River Valley is being stirred to prayer and worship in such an amazing way.  Congregations, Ministries, and Individuals all throughout the region are being invigorated and called to the place of prayer and worship.  This is a sovereign move of the Lord far surpassing any one ministry, any four ministries, any specific people or events - but your sowing into this prayer movement by supporting intercessory missionaries like Robin and I is bearing fruit and being counted towards your great reward.

Assembling the People

With a mandate to equip believers for effectual fervent prayer and worship, and to raise up teams of ministers, we have partnered with other local prayer ministries and congregations to begin consistent corporate prayer gatherings.  Currently, we, personally, and the teams we have rallied are offering harp & bowl type prayer gatherings Monday thru Thursday from 11am to 1pm, and the first and third Saturdays of every month from 6pm to 9pm.

Making the Vision Plain on Tablets

We have had two of the Saturday gatherings and they have been astounding.  At each meeting we’ve offered training for what we believe is the initial model (or basic format) for how the Lord would have us conduct these intercessory worship (harp & bowl) meetings so that they are truly facilitating prayer and focusing primarily on Scripture.  It’s a lot of structure to throw at the singers, in particular, with only about 30 minutes of discussion and 30 minutes of hands-on practice with the worship team, but the entire team and every one involved have responded phenomenally to the model, and it is showing the fruit of truly being “the stake and twine by which the fruit can flourish” instead of a dead, religious, man-made form that hinders the Spirit and the growth of believers.

Accepting the Prophetic Invitations

One of the main focus points for these gatherings is for us to accept and contend for the prophetic words spoken over this region.  From being “a valley of refuge” (Rick Ridings), to the place where “the faucet” is going to open that sends out a flood of the Spirit that will change the nation (Steve Evans), we are contending.  To be a “zone of glory” and place of “habitation, not visitation” (Corey Russell), or to be the “fruitful valley, not river valley” (Anderson), we are contending.  To be a “cancer-free zone” and “no-divorce zone” (New Wineskins Prayer Room - Fort Smith and myself), we are contending.  To be a “valley of equipping, healing, deliverance, and sending” (Concerts of Prayer Fort Smith, Ridings, Conrady, Clayton, et al), and to be the place “under the Lid”, we will not rest - we will war for the opportunities the Lord has extended to us.  The Lord is raising up “a lighthouse in the bend of the river” (Johnny Clayton) that will see this region and this nation changed through prayer, cultivating corporate prayer, and the release of the Lord’s heart, will, and power that drives us out from that place of prayer into discipling and witnessing with power and boldness.

What’s Next?

Robin and I are praying about what the next step is for us in this great awakening of prayer in our region.  The Lord broke us from our initial zeal to want to see a physical facility established for this purpose, and rightfully asked us to focus on the development and rallying of people first.  However, we do not feel that the time is far off where the Lord will release a facility, and the need is becoming increasingly evident.  We believe the next step is to gather those committed to establishing prayer in the region for an extended time of prayer, dicussion, and fellowship, and to see what common vision and voice the Lord wants to impregnate or birth from that place of unity.

One Mind, One Mouth Glorify God

Recently during one of my lunch-time prayer sets, I was singing and praying from Romans 15:5-6, when I received a phone call buzzing in my pocket (I forgot to turn it from “vibrate” to “silent”).  Of course I ignored it, but returned the call immediately after the prayer time was over.  It was a dear sister who had received a few words from the Lord to share with me.  The first one was “Patience”… the second and third were that the Lord was going to release the facilities to us, but only as the local prayer ministries began to join together “as one person”.  She fumbled for how to word that, because she knew it didn’t physically mean “one person”, so I offered the phrase, “you mean like ‘with one mind and one mouth glorifying God’”, to which she responded, “Yes, exactly.. that’s it.”  It’s His Word.  I was completely comfortable with the unity and agreement that exists between the current prayer ministries in that we are each running with what the Lord has asked us to run with, but, after talking to a few of them, and receiving this word, and praying about it - that may not be enough… that may not be “the best thing”, the “God thing” for our region.  The last part of the word was she saw the simple name, “River Valley Prayer Room”.  Most people try to use “House of Prayer” somewhere in their name, but that is exactly the name I have in my notes when I pray and refer to a facility… even though I don’t really like the simplicity of it.. hehe… amazing.


Please, please, please send us your prayer requests and resulting good reports.  Spending the amount of time the Lord has asked us to spend in prayer is much easier when we have specific people and things for which to be praying.  And hearing the resulting good reports is great fuel for perservering in this place of prayer.

Our Requests and Partnership Opportunities

You can take a look here if you are interested in supporting us through your prayers and/or giving, or would like to sow into what the Lord is doing in the river valley through this uprising of prayer and worship.

We bless you, and thank you again to all of you who have already supported us with your prayers and giving.

The Jacksons

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