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August & September Support Report

Now that the Jacksons are back in town and have had a chance to sure-up some of the things the Lord has asked us to do, we have put together our “normal budget” for living the life Jesus has called us to in this season, and are posting it here as a part of our call for an “Open Book Policy”.  I say “normal” because, just like Paul, we are to learn how to “abase and to abound” depending on the giving of others in support of ministry.

We received $1130.00 in support for the month of August from four sources ($1000, $100, $20, and $10).  I had an outstanding web development project that I completed for an additional $1000, which gave us a total income for August of $2130.00.  Although it was more than $1000 short of the normal budget we have developed with outside counsel and prayer, it looks like we are going to make it out of August with everything immediately due paid, and having had to make an extra trip to Van Buren from Kansas City and back with two vehicles (gas… ouch!).

As of today, we know of about $200 in support that we can expect for September, and accepted tent-making proposals for about $3000.  However, all of that depends on people writing checks, and such - so, although it is very close to our actual need, we ask that you would still pray about how the Lord would have you partner in His work with us by sowing financially with us.

Also, we are humbled, but confident, that it is the Lord’s desire to move us completely into a place of full-time commitment to prayer, worship, fasting, outreach, and serving the churches of our region by being fully-funded through your giving alone.  The Lord has really opened the scriptures to me that have incorrectly shaped my view of tent-making and full-time ministry in the last few months.  For example, Paul made tents in Thessalonica because they believed that the rapture had already come, or was eminent, and weren’t working at all, at anything.  This was NOT Paul’s normal way of living; this was an exception to the way he normally ministered because these believers needed an example of how believers (whose lives were not devoted to gospel full-time) were to live.  Even in this passage, Paul reminds them that he, as one whose life is devoted to the gospel, “has the authority” to receive support from the church - but he was “making an example of how they should follow them.”  Then, on top of that, the Lord has rebuked me sharply with the charge, “Do you not know that being a watchman on the walls is real work?  Do you not value the place of intercession as highly as the place of carpenter, a staff pastor, or a computer programmer?”

“Okay, Lord.  You win.”

I felt His grace to accept a part-time interim Worship Arts Coordinator position with a local congregation here in Van Buren as they continue the search for a full-time Worship Arts Pastor, and as we transition into raising support (which is a large chunk of the expected tent-making income for September), but, again, the Lord is asking us to pursue being fully-funded by your partnership.  So, as you are led, please visit our Partnering page where you can donate on-line, schedule automated monthly donations, or get the correct address and information for sending your support via regular mail.

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