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If you would ever like to see a copy of our total income and expenses, we will provide them with as much detail as individual privacy and security allows - right down to electric bills, necessary subscriptions, any gifts or compensations, etc.  Just use our contact form to make your request:  here.


Comment from Emily Barton
Time: August 5, 2008, 1:51 pm

How are things now? I don’t see a recent update on finances…

Comment from Aaron
Time: August 5, 2008, 2:53 pm

Hi, Emily.

Sorry, I had mentioned in a post about our stepping up from part-time to full-time at Heritage while their lead pastor, Wes, is deployed in Iraq (he is a chaplain in the National Guard).

So, we backed up from raising support “gung-ho!”, but, we do feel like this is just an interim thing as the Lord prepares us, and the region, for more consistent prayer and worship. We do feel the need to start that process back up again, though, very soon. This was the Lord’s grace period for us as we transition into being full-time ministers devoted to the gospel and helped by believers, and we haven’t been using this grace period to raise support - which has probably not been wise on our part.

Honestly, things are rough at the moment, mostly because of over $1000 we had to put into Robin’s van in May, and we haven’t ever been able to recover from those expenditures, yet. And now I’ve got close to $2000 that needs to be done to mine (a lot of it long standing, but getting worse, and some of it new in the last month), i.e. I have to add power steering fluid every time I drive it.

But, we work hard AND trust the Lord, and know that it will all work out.

How are you guys?

Comment from Emily Barton
Time: September 8, 2008, 10:43 am

Thanks for the update. I had read the post about your new position, but thought you might still post some about how things were going. Just because you receive a salary doesn’t mean that God can’t bless you when you are honest about your needs. ;)

We are good! Been through the fire and are seeing beauty for the ashes that we release up to HIM. God never fails!

I got your back, and will lift your needs to our Papa as well!

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