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Example of Intercessory Worship

I certianly make no claim to greatness of musical skill, nor fall prey to false humily too often, but, although I realize my pitch isn’t too great a lot of the time, I thought I’d give you a taste of one of our recent gatherings via an audio clip.

I am so amazed by these singers and musicians.  For the musicians, this was the first or second time for most of us to play together, and the first time for all but one of these singers to ever sing in intercessory worship with me.  They are so amazing - first time or not.  This reinforces for me the value of using a “model” for our meetings and the way we conduct ourselves in these services.  Thank the Lord that what He had promised me about using a structure He has made true, “this is the stake & twine by which your vines can grow and flourish, not a rigid form that quenches and prevents.”

Let me point out a few elements you will notice in this clip…

The night had started out with some corporate worship songs (songs people were familiar with, or could quickly familiarize themselves with) so that we could all get our hearts and minds focused on the Lord which draws us (the believers gathered) into one accord, toward the Lord.  This clip starts as we’re coming out of the song, “Rend the Heavens”, and we began to sing spontaneously around some of the scripture from which the song is based - namely Isaiah 62 & 64 and a similar cry from Revelations 22:17.

The next thing that happens (around 2:45) is the intercessory, Matthew McSpadden, introduces a topic (”revival”) a target (”the river valley”) and a passage of scripture from which he will be praying (Acts 2:17-18).  He reads the scripture word-for-word, and then begins to pray using the language of that scripture for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the river valley.

Next, Matthew helps the singers by isolating a phrase from the scripture, “Pour out <Your> Spirit.” (verse 18)  Then, the singers echo that piece of scripture, and then begin to develop it - always trying to use scripture, word-for-word when possible, and as relevant and contextually accurate as possible.  I branch off the original passage, by calling from Joel 2, from which Peter was quoting in Acts 2, where it says to call an assembly, sound an alarm, gather yourselves together - and from Jesus’ similar direction to the apostles, that they should tarry in Jerusalem, and so they gathered together in one accord.  We establish a chorus using that Joel 2 verbage, where we all sing our prayer together and the room all comes into agreement (via song) with the scriptures being prayed.

After that, the prayer leader, moves into asking for some specific gifts of the Spirit (”gifts of healings” - 1 Corinthians 12) and prays that for his target (”the river valley).  Although he didn’t specify those scriptures, because this environment becomes a “singing seminary”, the singers know that what he is praying is directly from Acts 4:30, and so we base our songs off of the Acts 2, and now Acts 4 verses.  We again establish a chorus (using the exact Acts 4:30 verbage) and unite the room in the cry for the fulfillment of this same prayer that Peter prayed over the believers gathered with him.

Matthew then moves to Luke 11:13 and solidifies the fact that it is okay for us to echo Peter’s prayers - that it is okay for us to ask for what the Lord talks about in Joel and throughout scripture - that it is okay to ask of the Lord - that we can ask for the Holy Spirit to be poured out.  He prays around that scripture, and we sing it.

Yes, it’s simple; Yes, it’s repetative.  But, YES, it is Scripture; it is decent and in order; it is the heart of the Lord.  It is the same type of environment that King David knew would entice the Most High God to come and establish a dwelling place in his city, right next to his house.  We are contending for that type of dwelling place.  That the Most High would be enthroned on the praises of His people. (Yes, I know there are questions about the translation of that scripture, but, look at what David did and the Lord’s response to David’s Tabernacle and rallying of the singers, shouters, and recorders into this place of day-and-night worship - whether it’s an accurate translation of Psalm 22:3 or not, it is a contextual reality.)

So, that’s a taste of one of the things we’re doing in the Fort Smith river valley - Intercessory Worship - the mingling of prayer and worship.


Comment from Debra
Time: May 24, 2010, 8:26 am

yes! I am a Christian and hunger for this stuff. I am a singer dancer, intercessessor, warfare prayer, prophectic kind of gal. I am not at least at this time “a technically skilled dancer or muscian”. Churches in my area arent into this, so I am frustrated and feel alone. I am not sure what to do please respond.

Comment from Aaron
Time: May 24, 2010, 9:06 am

Hi, Debra. I can certainly understand feeling frustrated when you are surrounded by people who do not value the same things that you value, and that you know to be very important and significant in the life of the Church (being all believers) and in the spiritual climate of a region.

Here are some things I hope to encourage you with:

1. The Lord has created us to “gather together” with other believers in prayer & worship. So, do that as often as possible, even if it is in “their context” - a meeting style that doesn’t necessarily feed you or motivate you. Don’t try to “improve” or “motivate” their meetings. Just serve and build relationships. Your revelation isn’t “better than theirs”, and they are only Biblically accountable to “the revelation they have received” - and maybe they do not have revelation about the things that you value and hunger for, yet.

2. Dance, worship, pray, and war A LOT in private. HE will meet you in that place and is the only One who can satisfy the needs you are feeling anyway. However, HE may also be allowing you to feel HIS burden for being “frustrated and alone” in the place of prayer for your region. That’s what HE is doing RIGHT NOW - sitting at the right hand of God the Father Almighty making intercession for the saints. HE wants YOU to join HIM in that place of intercession… and, I believe, HE wants you to start “calling forth the laborers” who will work with you in the Great Harvest, which is predicated by being first in the place of prayer and worship as a believers, fulfilling the Greatest Commandment FIRST, and then being truly effective in the Great Commission.

3. Try to find people who are interested in the same expressions and pursuits as you. I will send you a private e-mail asking where you are from, so that I might possibly be able to connect with you some folks in your particular area.

Just remember to be very guarded against walking down the road of judgment towards those who don’t value the same things that you value. First, let everything be done in love. Find the value in what the believers around you ARE doing, and show them love and respect. The Lord will either surround you with people to encourage you in your walk, or send you somewhere else.

Sincerely, Aaron

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