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The Lid

Even though Robin and I are having some difficulties adjusting to the time demands of all of the things we are committed to right now, I felt like I was suppose to say yes to a request for some emergency computer help for a believer from another country, who has basically been used by the Lord to start one of the most effective and wide-spread christian works (read ‘church’ - i.e. evangelizing, discipling, pastoring believers) in a muslim country (that shall remain nameless).

He desparately needs to get his computer functional again, because while he is in the states, he uses it to communicate with the leaders and believers in his home country (and a few others) so he can disciple and teach them one-on-one and via conference calls, the internet, etc.  (Which, to even his amazement, has been extremely effective, since the Lord has asked him to be here in the States and unable to meet with them face-to-face.)  As we’re working on his computer, we indulge in a sparse amount of small talk about his country, what the Lord has called Robin and I to do, the history of the work the Lord has been involved with, etc.  (I want to share the testimony of what the Lord has done recently in one of the largest cities in his country, through a group of students who found this brother, met with him and some of his leaders for 3 days of fasting and prayer, and the amazing break-in of the gospel taking the church in that city from 40 to 400 in a matter of weeks - but maybe some other time.)

Instead, he shares with me about how when he is traveling, he always asks the Lord about what He thinks about each city or region that he passes through.  One time, as he was driving into Arkansas from Oklahoma, he asked the Lord about our region.  Then, as he was about to cross the state line, the Lord showed him a simple, yet profound picture that lines up with so many other words and visions seen and spoken over our area.  He saw a heavy “lid” sitting on top of our entire region that was keeping our prayer in, and the full glory of the Lord out.  On the rim of the lid was written the word “reason”.  As he asked the Lord about it, he was confident that it meant intellectual-type reasoning, i.e. our own thoughts that exalt themselves against the thoughts of the Lord, and our excuses and “reasons” for why He isn’t moving in miraculous power in our region.

Immediately the Lord reminded him of a previous scripture that the Lord had taken him to weeks earlier about Ezekiel 47 and the depths of the river that flowed from the temple of God.  The Lord had highlighted to him that the river flowed from the throne, and that the throne was the place of constant intercession - where Jesus sits and continually makes intercession for us.  As the intercession continues to increase and rise, so does the water-level of the Lord’s glory and presence - a healing and renewing river like the one in Ezekiel.  (* see the note at the end of this post about literal translations versus types & shadows)

These two elements, “the lid” and “the water” are an amazing and beautifully confirming recurrance that happen in almost every prophetic word spoken over our region.  I’ve yet to encounter any of the people who have delivered these words that are in any way familiar with any of the previous words spoken.  One, because they have been kept as “word of mouth” more than anything (which I seek to rectify at some point soon) - so they’d have no access to them.  And two, because they’ve all been from different states or countries.

In this post, I just wanted to draw the connection between how the Lord is equipping His children to hear His voice and contend for what He speaks - namely, the thirteen-year-old He had sing about “the lid” a few weeks ago.  I will come back later and summarize some of the other words spoken over our region that line up with these elements and are wonderful fuel for intercession for our region.

* Note: I feel like the Lord does use His Word actively and alive in this way, to show us types of things He desires to do in different times and places.  However, I personally believe the river that Ezekiel saw is a literal river that will restore the waters, sea-life, and plant-life that are destroyed during the seals and bowl judgements of the Lord - but that doesn’t mean it’s not a example of something that is the will of the Lord, and is indeed something the Lord could use to illustrate another desire of His heart…. make sense?  There is a fine line between (A) guarding your doctrine closely, believing (like I do) that unless the Bible says something is an illustration, symbol, type, shadow, hyperbolic teaching tool, parable, etc, then it should be assumed to be literal; and (B) knowing that by studying the Bible and comparing all of our thoughts, dreams, visions, beliefs, etc, we can learn what the Lord “sounds like”, “looks like”, and “acts like”, and can then use it as the measuring stick with which we can “practice discernment through constant use” as Paul exhorts us.


Comment from Aaron
Time: October 1, 2007, 11:08 am

Wow. Robin and I were having dinner with a couple of fervent prayer people from our region, and I shared a couple of the prophetic words spoken over our region. One of the women, who had been mostly quiet for the dinner up until this point, looked at her friend with a literally dropped jaw when I described to her “the faucet” seen by Steve Evans pouring out onto this region and going out to change the nation from here. While she was in Africa on a mission trip, and then in Israel doing a prayer internship as a teenager, the Lord had shown her the exact picture I was describing.

If that wasn’t cool enough, when I began talking about “the lid” that the brother above saw, she almost got plumb freaked out - because she had, had a dream that was almost exactly the same, again.

Then, last Wednesday night, I was speaking with a worship leader at a local church, and he was trying to describe how he felt about our region, and what he felt like the Lord had shown him about it. At one point he stopped talking and was trying to search for a word to describe what he was feeling/seeing in the spirit, and guess what words came out… “a lid”. Okay, so it’s not like the words “lid” and “faucet” aren’t everyday words, but, they are pretty specific to describe something that people might normally try ot use more spiritual words for. Do you sadly know what I mean… “a brass ceiling”… “a heavenly flood gate”.

The Lord has a plan for our region, but just like Paul exhorts Timothy in 1 Timothy 1:18, we have to fight with the prophetic words spoken… we have to use them to wage a war.


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