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The Fruit

Even though the Lord has called us to “equip believers in effectual fervent prayer and worship”, He is actually about that work whether we’re even conscious of it or not - take a few weekends ago, for example.  My family jumped into our minivan and headed over to a friends house to have an impromptu prayer and worship time.  It ended up just being the Jackson Five (us), and this woman and one of her teenage daughters - no one else ended up making it.  So, we fellowshipped for a little while and then I broke out the guitar and just began to sing some worship songs, which turned into spontaneous singing, which turned into prophetic singing, which turn into intercessory singing, which led to spoken prayers from other folks in the room, and lots of scripture reading that was on topic for what the Lord was saying to us.

After probably an hour or so of this, we had quieted down and I was just playing some simple chord progression and listening to the Lord and thinking about all He’d just said through His written Word and His children, when I heard the teenage daughter singing spontaneously.  I got extra quiet trying to “make room for her”, and Robin saw what was going on and began exhorting her to sing out.  It started feeling a little too “high pressure” for me, so I picked the volume back up with some worship, hopin that she would pick her volume up to and gain some air speed, so then I could drop back down some and encourage her to keep singing out.  Well, along with Robin’s persistence and encouragement, the girl began to sing the song she had in her heart and some relevant scripture, and Robin began to intermingle with her with some prayer.

Her lyrics struck a prophetic chord that we began to revolve around and focus on - that the Lord would “take off the lid over Van Buren”.  Unbeknownst to me, this lined up with a prophetic vision shared with the believers at The River Fellowship in Alma a while back, that I’ll simply call “The Lid” that you can go and read here.

But, before you do that, I just want to point out the faithfulness of the Lord to do through us what He has asked us to do, even when we’re not completely aware of it.  He was equipping this thirteen-year-old daughter of the King in the prophetic, in prayer, and in vocal/musical worship all in one night.  “Thank you, Lord!  You are raising up those who will stand, contend, proclaim, and wait on You and Your will for our region.”


Comment from Emily Hankin
Time: October 2, 2007, 1:02 pm

Hi guys! I could hardly wait to let you know that I attended the opening of the Montgomery House of Prayer and Worship this past Friday night, and then the workshop on Saturday. I am amazed at all the Lord has brought me through and all that he has planted inside my heart. The relationships he has allowed me to be a part of. Some folks who I haven’t seen for at least 15 years were the “few” who showed up for this opening and one new friend of just this year. God truly works in mysterious ways. I am eager to “see” what part God has for me to play in this area. As well, God has been unfolding a plan for me to visit a Latin American country. Please be praying that God alone would water this seed, and allow it to be birthed! Blessings guys!

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