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The Blind Recover

I often share this testimony when I teach about prayer, faith, and hearing from the Lord - but it’s such a powerful testimony of how the Lord really works (versus how we’d like Him to work), that I really felt like I needed to post it today.

In the late nineties I got connected with a brother from Wales who flowed in the prophetic in such a specific way, to the likes I haven’t seen since, yet.  We got to hang out a few days at a time, but then we brought him in for about 10 days one summer and he stayed with me in a house that we were house-sitting for a couple from our church.  I can’t even begin to tell you some of the crazy things I saw in that time, just because we were willing to spend time in prayer and then go and do simple things like walk around the streets of downtown Ft Smith asking the Lord who He wanted us to speak to, and what He wanted us to say.  (You’ll probably hear me share one or two of these VERY specific prophetic words He gave to people, during another post, or during a teaching time.)

Anyway, this brother was on a mission trip and was asked to preach to a crowd of over 1000 who had gathered.  He, by his own admission, is not a gifted teacher, and this group they were ministering to was primarily from a particular denomination and had not yet embraced post-first-century prophetic ministry - but, he said yes anyway.  Here he was in his required black suit and tie, teaching about something in broken phrases as the translator did his job, when he heard the voice of the Lord.

“Steve, I want to heal someone who is blind, right now.”

Fear came over him - good and bad.  Would these people throw him and their whole team out for saying “he heard the voice of God” or for calling people up for “faith healing”?  Would it be “decently and in order”?  Could he just ignore what he knew was the voice of the Lord?  He wrestled with this for a while, between breaks in his message (since he had plenty of time between the translator.. hehe.. just imagine…).  He finally decided that his fear of the Lord was greater than his fear of man.

“I feel like the Lord told me that He wants to heal someone who is blind, in this place, today.  So, if you’re blind, please come up to the front and I will lay hands on you and ask the Lord to do what He said He would do.”

Over a hundred people came forward.  This is very difficult for me to fathom.  Over a hundred people out of around a thousand were blind?  Statistically you’d never see anything like this in the United States. (This is a side note that should move our hearts towards missions, the poor, and the needs of others.)  However, in many countries around the world, the lack of vacinations and other at-birth treatments that we in the U.S. are required at birth to receive, are not available to them, and the rate of infections and other complications that lead to blindness “from birth” are extremely high.  (End of side note.)

Over a hundred people came forward and lined up.  He went to the first one and prayed something like, “Lord, You said You wanted to heal the blind today, so I ask You to heal him now in the name of Jesus!”


So, he went to the next person in the line.  Similar prayer… nothing.

He remarked that the vast majority of these people were obviously, physically blind (sunken eye sockets, discoloration of the eyes, etc).  There was little opportunity for “just claim your healing, the Lord’s started a work, brother.”  The Lord said He wanted to heal someone “right now”.

So, he prayed for the next person in the line… nothing.  I don’t know about you, but I would have been seriously looking for an “exit strategy” - do these people know enough about the prophetic that they may decide to stone me?  Not to mention the sheer embarrasment for you, and the extreme disappointment for the people who came expecting to be healed.

He prayed for the next person… nothing… nothing… nothing… BUT, on about person number 40-something - complete and total restoration.  He witness the structure of the persons face change, their eyes clear-up, and the cries and shouts as the person began to see for the first time in their memory.  He witnessed the tears of joy from their surrounding family.  So, he kept on down the line… “Lord, You are at work here, I’m obeying Your word - heal this person now in the name of Jesus.”

Nothing… nothing… nothing… when the day was done, a handful of people had their site returned by the healing power of the Lord.  It’s so easy for us to say, “but what about the other 90 something.”  And, how many of us could have made it to person number 47, without having given up much earlier.  But, when it comes right down to it, “Several people who were blind CAN NOW SEE because of the healing power of God, and the obedience and humility of a man!!”  Praise the Lord!

Is the Lord asking you to pray and contend for something?  A cancer-free zone in your region? For the protection and restoration of marriages? For the health of a loved one?  For revival in your area that seems to be on a moral and spiritual down-slide?  We have to forget about the 99.  We have to forget questions like, “why did the Lord heal this person, but not that person? Why did the Lord supernatural provide for you but not me?”  The Lord is asking for our attention, and for our obedience.  We have to give Him opportunities, but leave the rest up to Him.


Comment from Emily Hankin
Time: November 8, 2007, 1:10 pm

Wow, this brought me to tears. I will contend for marriages (even though I have never had one to succeed). I will pray for healings (even if I never see one) I will share the gospel (even if no one responds). I WILL BE ONE, voice declaring - “prepare ye the way of the Lord!”. Until I die, this is my mandate, my vision, my calling in life - I WILL OBEY!

Comment from Chris Ferguson
Time: November 29, 2007, 12:06 pm

Jackson’s know that Many at IHOP-KC miss and love you guys. Hey I stopped by the blog because the LORD has had you on my heart the last couple of days during my morning praying in Tongues sessions. We’ve been focusing on the prophetic and I really have a feeling GOD is going to take you much deeper. So I was visiting Nyla’s blog and decide to come visit yours…and here you are speaking on the prophetic and healing. Go deeper bro Ezekiel 47…the water is rising. Shoot me an email.

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