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In a world full of self-help and performance-driven evaluations it can be difficult for a believer to really embrace that they need other people - it is a requirement; it is the Church… it’s the way “a body” is suppose to work.

Okay, so, this is a blog, so I get to be informal and personal, right?  Well, here it goes.  The last several regional prayer gatherings I’ve been missing something.  We’ve been short on singers, so then it feels like I have to sing more, which means I have less time to try and listen to the Lord and feel comfortable with what I’m about to sing.  I’ve also not had clear vision on prayer topics in advance, so I wasn’t able to really come prepared.  And, as usual, we end up with a new mix of musicians every week, and sometimes I’m thinking, “Man, it would nice to rehearse sometime,” but, ya know, we’re pulling people from all over the region, and we’re trying to “be a blessing” not a burden on any of these musicians and singers… but, it’s just difficult to feel like you’re doing things to excellence, when everything is flying by the seat of our pants.

But, each and every week, I am blessed and amazed by the Lord and the way His Body works.  So, yeah, I may not have the songs to sing one week, but, Paul Howell does; Thank you, Lord!  I don’t have to be the one who can keep everything flowing and always has the song when someone else doesn’t.  I may not have the prayer topic, but the people in the room show up with things on their heart, and Matthew McSpadden leads us like a seasoned veteran.  And, the musicians, wow, the Lord has really blessed us with guys and gals who can just show up and flow.  Sure there’s other things we could do if we rehearsed, but, man, these folks are good.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our congregations worked this way, too?  Where one man didn’t have to have THE WORD every Sunday.  (Don’t get me wrong, praise God for gifted teachers and preachers - Lord, give them Your Word every week.)  But, wow, how nice would it be to be in a congregation that really worked together like the Body Jesus intended.  A place where a pastor could really be a pastor and take care of, and go get, people and pull them together to see them fed, sheltered, and taken care of.  They wouldn’t have to also try to be the teacher, the evangelist, the prophet, and the apostle.

Or where the administrator isn’t getting knocked for not being merciful enough, and the intercessor isn’t getting bashed for not being evangelistic enough…

Lord, mature Your bride.  Call us to, and equip us for, the exact place you have for us in Your Body.  Let us not think more highly of ourselves or our callings than we ought, and give the hidden parts even greater honor.  Thank you, Father, that none of us need to be “self-contained”, because You have connected us, and made us inner-dependent with one another - Your Church, Your Bride, Your Body.  Amen!

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