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Inner City Kids

It’s not often (okay, ever) that I feel eager or excited about going-to and/or doing something - anything.

Well, I got asked this afternoon if I could go to the inner city of Kansas City and play djembe for a worship team that goes every Monday night and serves, worships, teaches, and just hangs with kids down there.  I’m excited.

It doesn’t even matter that I don’t know who the rest of the team is, and what songs they may be doing - my heart is still very much for youth, kids, young adults, and missions (foreign or domestic).

More later…

(The Next Day)

Okay, well, it wasn’t kids, it was for a congregation in the inner city that has committed themselves to the current 40-days-for-40-years fast, and is meeting twice a week for worship, intercession, and fellowship.  It was still a great time and the people were very warm and sincere.  Their prayers, specifically for the fatherless and for the poor and oppressed, were so powerful and genuine.  I’m sure it was not only moving to me, but to the heart of God.

Which reminds me… (read “All of Your Heart”)

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