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Prophetic Dream?

This post is rated PG - just because it’s a little dark and intense, but, if you’re not a 12-year-old prone to intense nightmares triggered by moderate intensity, then you should check this out — wow, I justed the word ‘intense’ (and a derivative) far too many times in one sentence.  It starts intense, cause I’ll just share the imagery of the dream, but, if you don’t see it as you are reading it, I will share some of what the Lord has shown me from it later via comments.  I’m going to let it set for a few days and would love to hear some of your comments before (and after) I post the things I’ve gotten from it.  It’s long - but, wow…

[1]  I was held prisoner in an old farmer’s homestead-type complex made all too famous by horror movies in the last 30 years.  My captors were very humanoid, but I “just knew” that they were demons - mostly human in appearance, but enough distortions and grotesqueness to assure me that I was dealing with something more than human.  The leader of the demonic militia looked a whole lot like a picture of Rob Zombie that I saw on a magazine cover one time… obviously human in appearance, but dirty, matted hair and skin, and dark mono-colored eyes [2].  Every night, groups of these demons would go into the surrounding towns and randomly kill and terrorize the inhabitants.  They would also randomly come into the holding areas (like the one I was in) and kill, torture, and/or terrorize captives [3].  This went on for days.  (My dreams often cover entire weeks of time, “real-time”, even though they’re only a few short minutes in really-real time.)

Then, one night, out of nowhere, there was a buzz and an awkwardness about the camp.  I’m not even sure how I found all of this information out, but apparently some stronger, more authoritive party had come into play, and was now dictating rules for an upcoming battle [4].  The demon-leader was to form a team to compete against a team of us regular humans.  The rules of the battle itself were pretty clear:  (1) both teams would enter a multi-story house from different entry points, (2) the object was for the human team to rescue a young boy, probably about age 6, from the house before he was killed or all of our team was killed. (3) If we rescued the boy, the demonic army would no longer have dominion over this region. [5]

Somehow, by whoever this other authority was, I was made the leader of the human team.  All of the captives were let out of the houses and barns where we were being held. When I got outside, there was already a large military/FEMA-style tent set-up on the grounds, and we were being directed towards it.  As we approached the large tent, I could see that people from the region were walking onto the grounds.  I knew that they were coming to cheer us on; they had heard about the battle, and were confident that the humans would win, and had a new boldness that allowed them to just walk right into the enemy’s camp to watch them get beaten [6].  Many of the released captives drifted off to mingle and reunite with friends and family who were pouring onto the grounds from the region; I knew that some of them were suppose to be on my team, and that I had just lost them [7].

As we got up to the large tent, there was a smaller pavilion-style tent set-up just outside of the large tent’s entrance.  Someone gave the first person who arrived at the tent a diagram of a soldier, arrayed in full battle gear, with explanations of where each piece of equipment went on their person, what it was, and how to use it [8].  The first person looked at it for a few seconds, then handed it to the next person and went inside the large tent to pick out whatever gear, weapons, medicine, explosives, lightings, etc - whatever they wanted.  The next person did the same thing; they only looked at the paper for a few seconds, pointed something out to one of their friends who had shown up from one of the towns, and they were like “ahh.. that is awesome - it’s like Halo 3, dude!” - then went into the tent to pick out their stuff [9].

The next two people in line were my two sons, Gideon and Kalek.  I knew it was them, and they weren’t much older than they are now.  They were probably 7 and 8 years old.  Gideon showed the paper to Kalek, and then laid it down on a nearby table, and they both grabbed pencil and paper and began to copy the diagram in detail and discuss what everything was for - almost like they were helping each other memorize where everything would go and how to use it [10].  I immediately saw the wisdom in what they were doing, and looked over their shoulder at the diagram: there was stuff that could heal any wound instantly, stuff to blind the enemy, stuff to protect a soldier’s eyes, stuff to blow-up obstacles, and several items to wound, kill, or ’remove’ an opponent [11].  But, for some reason, even though I could see their wisdom, I made mental note of only a few of the items (mostly healing and light-giving stuff that was all part of a satchel-like “medic/chemical kit”) and then went inside the large tent to put my stuff together [12].

Inside the tent, I saw a lot more of what I saw from person number 2 outside of the tent.  People were playing with the equipment, swinging swords, laughing, shooting large laser-type guns and targets that were set-up for practice, and having a really good time of it [13].  One person would load down with a lot of weapons (and nothing else), and another would load down in a bunch of armor (and nothing else).  Then there was me, who was getting my satchel of healing, light, some mild explosives, and various vials all together, but never managed to get any armor or weapons [14].  I would have thought that some of us would have known better.  There were a lot of young adults on my team, but there were also several older (honorably gray-headed) people, some women of varying ages, several ethnic backgrounds represented, and then my two very young boys [15].  They were the only two with a full array of equipment [16].

I began to walk around the grounds thinking about strategy.  Outside of the tent many of my team mates were still showing-off their new equipment, and many had set their equipment down and were playing games of catch with the townsfolk (frisbee, football, baseball - you name it) [17].  It was like the battle had already been won, the confidence level was so high, and people were so relaxed.  Not me.  I was wondering if we would get a chance to even see the building where the battle would take place, and if we would possibly be allowed to practice in it [18]. 

But, how could I gather my team to practice?  I was a prisoner just like them, so obviously I mustn’t have been very good at overcoming them in the past.  I didn’t want to seem overbearing or pushy.  I didn’t want people to think I was lording something over them, or that I felt like I was better than them.  And, you know, I wasn’t sure if we would even be ALLOWED to practice, so why bother them? [19] So, I began to walk to the battle building to see if there was someone there I could ask for permission to practice. [20]

As I approached the building, I could see (not sure how) the demonic militia was already inside of the building running drills.  I could see and hear the leader barking out orders, and see his squads react with military precision [21].  They didn’t have the type of equipment we were given; all of theirs were gnarly axes and jagged spears - covered with all kinds of sickening things and diseases.  They were all about close-up combat, instilling fear, and then making their victims suffer [22].  Some were obviously guarding certian hallways and rooms in the building.  Others were obviously the “searchers” who were covering as much ground as possible trying to find the boy.  Still others were the “sweepers”, trying to find, engage, and kill us - the opposing force [23].  I was astounded at their precision and efficiency, and a bit bothered that they were using some of the same strategies I was considering.  (You know, the obvious ones that you learn just from being on a paintball team, watching some war movies, and playing some tactical military games.)  I had to get my team together to practice - at least to talk about some strategies and maybe give them some signals, voice commands… something… anything. [24]

I stood on a small hill overlooking the open field where hundreds of people from the surrounding area had gathered and were still playing games with my former-fellow-captives and teammates [25].  They were really enjoying themselves.  I wrestled with the same thoughts as before - who am I to start trying to give direction to them?  What are they going to think of me, even from moment one when I whistle loud and ask them to assemble? [26]  Thinking of that small, curly-blond-headed, six-year old boy being held somewhere even now, waiting to be the object of the demon-hordes murderous intentions [27]… thinking of the images we saw night-after-night of people being terrorized in their homes and in public places - killed and tortured with unthinkable cruelty all around the region [28]… I mustered the courage, and curled my lips to whistle louder than I had ever whistled before… and I awoke from the dream [29].

I have inserted some [#] numbers into the dream that you can reference in your comments without having to quote too much.  Obviously you aren’t limited to interpret and hypothesize about only numbered sections.  I would ask you to reply with whatever your natural thoughts are about it, and then to also spend some time in prayer asking the Lord to show you things about it, and then post your comments.  And, this isn’t some, “Yeah, okay, Aaron - you’re called to be some sort of leader - we get it.”  You can do whatever you want with that part of it… focus on the other content, please.


Comment from Anthony
Time: August 14, 2007, 9:23 am

This post actually goes in line with something that I have been thinking about. That is, what exactly are you going to do when you get back to the greater Fort Smith area and get down to some spiritual warfare in this area.

Just recently, I have been thinking more about what the heck am *I* going to be doing to help you in your ministry. And moreover, what I can do to help the kingdom of God even outside of anything you may be doing in our area. I wonder how many people have that same thought. How many people think that with some sort of 24 hour prayer and worship in our area that it’s just going to be a great big Jesus concert that they get to go to whenever they want and not have to do anything? How many people think that because they have a regular job that they aren’t part of God’s ministry? I know that until recently, I thought that I was not a part of any of God’s work.

It is very easy to buy into the lie that you have no talents that can glorify God, and this belief easily leads to turning church into a social engagement. I post all this now, Aaron, because I see elements of this in your dream post.

Comment from Aaron
Time: August 14, 2007, 10:02 am

[quote] “What exactly are you going to do when you get back…?”

We’re still very actively praying through that, but, we are leaning towards “step one” as being doing worship and prayer in people’s homes, sharing the vision for ‘love for Jesus and Prayer (dialogue) with Him’ as being the ‘first priority’ from which all other spiritual fruit, ministry, impact, gifts, etc, flow. We see people inviting over people they are connected with, finding out what is on their hearts, and doing a mixture of worship and prayer around what is on their hearts.

[quote] “…what…am I going to be doing to help you in your ministry…”

Oohh… I hate the sound of “your ministry” - blah. So, let me re-word the question, “What does God want me to be doing in His Kingdom - and will any of that be along side of what the Lord is asking Aaron to do?”

I have told Robin and many occassions during the last 6 years (since I came out of full-time vocational ministry as a youth minister, worship leader, etc, and went back to school, started a business, and got a secular job) that I knew that I was in a season of learning how to relate-to and function-as someone who is working 60 hours per week, raising a family, and trying to maintain a happy marriage - all while still serving the Lord and advancing the Kingdom. I love 1 Corinthians 12:22 in the NLT: “In fact, some of the parts that seem weakest and least important are really the most necessary.” First off, though, being a husband and father, or a home-maker (male or female) is one of the most important ‘parts’ that any of us could ever be - so why do we view it “in the kingdom” as being somehow less honorable? Do we think that the Lord loved the tribe of Levi more than the eleven other tribes, just because they were required to be priests? Of course not. Not everyone is called to full-time ministry from a scheduling since… but we ARE ALL called to be full-time lovers, listeners, and followers of the Lord - whether that’s in the marketplace, the home, the nursery, the soundbooth, or the platform.

[quote] “…a great big Jesus concert…they get to go to whenever they want and not have to do anything…”

Let me assure you, the scariest part of all of this for me is that I know (and this is NOT false humility) that my ’skills’ vocally and instrumentally, and my depth of revelation is woefully inadequate to “carry” any meeting, or to stir people up emotionally just out of a great performance. The words the Lord keeps telling me is, “I am calling you to ‘voluntary weakness’. People will say that it is a lack of anointing, or maybe the vision isn’t right because they are not ’stirred enough’ - but I am asking you to cultivate a life of prayer that is not dependent on any hype or emotion… it’s a life that will constantly leave you wanting (and needing) more and more of Me.” That doesn’t sound much like a “great big Jesus concert” to me…. ouch.

[quote] “I see elements of this in your dream post.”

I hope that you mean that in the dream, you saw how ‘church’ becomes a social engagement, BUT that the Lord has layed out a full set of equipment for even the smallest and weakest of us, and that if we will just pay a little attention, He can use all of us - in unity - to overcome our spiritual enemies. I hope that the dream wasn’t making you feel less adequate - was that what you were saying? However, it was just a dream, even though I woke up with an intense sense of “woah - this means something”, and the Lord has used it, in complete conjunction with scripture, to show me a lot of good stuff.

Comment from Lauren
Time: August 16, 2007, 5:27 pm

First of all, Aaron, your dream is written very well! All the emotions, thoughts and peripheral actions paints a movie-like picture in my mind. You have a very powerful and clear way with words, especially in telling stories. God has given you a gift for not only remembering the details of your dreams but also talent for the retelling.

Obviously, the whole dream is about spiritual warfare in the end of the age (AKA today). Some parts that stood out to me were the single-focused human warriors, your boys’ choice in equipping themselves, and the demons’ strategies resembling your own.

First, the humans loading up with the tools that they most loved instead of diversifying could both be a warning and a reality check. It’s a warning in the sense that many chose to view their Christian walk and Jesus Himself through such small lenses that they miss more than half of who He is and who He created them to be. We think, “Oh, I’m a musician, so that’s my job in the Kingdom.” But as you said to your friend Anthony above, we have many tasks as followers of Jesus that cannot be neglected (ie. husband, father, worship leader, etc.) You must prioritize, of course; but you are also called to be many things at once. Abiding in Christ will help us fulfill all of our roles as well as focus on the main task of the hour. So many Christians beef up on things that they’re familiar with instead of searching out the deep things of God and growing diversely in their knowledge of Him. Short-sightedness leads to ill-equipping.

The reality check I mentioned related to the body of Christ. The Church can only be effective when it works together. As Paul describes, there are many body parts that have specific functions but cannot fulfill their job without the whole. Those loaded with armor and those with weapons must work together in the battle because each has different strengths. In the End, I believe that each member of the Bride will have a more complete and diverse set of equipment. But for now, many of us are laden with a specific gift and must rely on others in the body to fill in our gaps and train us.

Secondly, your boys are a prophetic picture of the End-Times Church. The younger generation coming will have a broader perspective of how to get the job done. They will know the tactics of the enemy and be prepared. The older generations will have to learn from their example.

Thirdly, the demon’s were using strategies that you had considered using. This reminded me of specifically the End-Times worship movement. Satan and all of his counterfeit moves will be very efficient and certainly resemble the real thing. The Church must get a revelation of the Truth and the strategy of Jesus’ return in order to combat the wiles of the enemy.

Perhaps this is all very straight-forward thinking. But I love how your dream paints a very real and vivid picture of how it might feel if we weren’t prepared. It scares me into a more focused lifestyle. I shouldn’t be afraid to rally the troops and tell them the Truth of the battle before us. Thanks for the encouragement your telling of this dream gives me.


P.S. I miss your family!!

Comment from Chris Ward
Time: August 18, 2007, 9:20 am

It’s interesting that the enemy was so well organized and had such strategic plans in place. And, the enemy already took over the house and were running drills while the good guys either wondered whether they had permission to go inside to practice, or they never even thought they would need to.

The good guys had some awesome weapons, and they knew that the enemy was really tough, but they didn’t REALLY get ready for battle as a team. They were just individually getting ready. Sort of….

Hello……….Church, are you listening??

Comment from Jessica Weisenfels
Time: August 18, 2007, 10:49 am

How did you not get more comments on this?!

Comment from Aaron
Time: August 19, 2007, 9:09 pm

Sorry for the delay on approving comments, guys! We made it back to Arkansas, but setting computers up and getting our internet turned back on were not a priority… so, we’re just now getting wired back up tonight.

We’re starting our homeschool curriculum tomorrow, so, be praying for us - and so, that may throw back the schedule on many new posts (or comment stuff) for a few days.


Comment from Shayne Mckinney
Time: August 20, 2007, 3:46 pm

This is a long and indirect thought that I’ll tie in after I share it.

It is not unusual for a person to complain about how things are, yet continue on the same path. The enemy has a strategy that has been masterfully crafted over many many years. I’ve become aware of it more recently. It is to put us in position ambiguity. Prevent the decision. If you want a good example how many times are you in a car and hear the conversation “what do you want to eat?” The conversation usually continues into “I don’t know what do you want?” If a person doesn’t decide then it go on into a frustrating, annoying, or even angry disagreement, but is it really a disagreement? How can it be a disagreement if neither side has proposed a place to eat? Would it not be better if one had said KFC and one had said Burger King, then you could discuss the reasons why you disagree and solve the problem.

Similarly the enemy wants us to live in the state of an unsolved problem of sin. So what is the best way to keep us in that state? I think it is the same as illustrated above, prevent any kind of position or decision from being made and then the problem cannot be easily seen and solved. The person becomes stuck in a position of ambiguity, sometimes even if their are numerous reasons to take a specific position.

In your dream you see that the demons have identified who the enemy is, and what their goals are. They have accepted this and are working to achieve it. The human side has an understanding of who the enemy is, just as all humans feel conviction against the enemy. However the humans are unfocused on the goal and have not really addressed any of the problems. Instead they go on living life and using the things they have been given to confront nothing or in vain attempts to achieve something of value for themselves. Of course this is all just a chasing after the wind. Your own struggle is within, it is if you should be the one to say everyone this is what we need to decide to do, and this is how to do it. The problem the people looked past was they were in real danger of losing any hope of being relieved from that oppression.

Their are other things I can glean from this as well. You can see a parable of people hoarding their talents and desiring one gift over another. I believe that God doesn’t ask the impossible of his people. I believe he gives us the things we need to love our neighbor, and to fulfill the great commission. How often do we set amused with our own gifts and resources, and maybe work to gain more of a particular resource instead of following the simple instructions he wrote out for us that tell us what we need. Your children were wise to prepare themselves properly.

Sorry, I’m running out of time to respond. Maybe I’ll get to more later.

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