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Saturday, January 12th

Although we do not yet have a consistent host for the second Saturdays of each month, Heritage Church in Van Buren will be having a prayer vigil and worship time specifically for the military personel and their families deployed from our region… the vigil is from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday, with the worship portion happening from 6pm to about 8pm.

This vigil is also a part of the Arkansas Canopy of Prayer.  An effort associated with the National Day of Prayer organization to make sure that all 366 days of 2008 are being covered by Arkansas congregations, specifically praying for Arkansas and Arkansas-related topics.  The vigil will be in typical vigil style - quiet background music (or none), and a quiet atmosphere of prayer (typically).  Then at 6pm, the Heritage praise team will kick it up with some great praise and worship.

These worship and prayer times are open to everyone.

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