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Saturday, February 16th

There’s just an unreal amount of people out with flu-like symptoms this week, but we are pressing on and in this week at Heritage Church in Van Buren - this is a community-wide intercessory worship gathering from 6pm to 9pm (drop-in for any or all).  There will also be training classes for those wanting to learn more about why and how we’re doing what we’re doing, and all singers wishing to join us on the ministry teams must come to at least one of these to learn how to interact with each other and the people praying.

It has been a really crazy week with sickness, things breaking at work, having to drive for two hours to get all of Robin’s shots for her upcoming Africa trip, and this weekend’s gathering.  I have, however, managed to get the first beginnings of the “Pray River Valley” website up at .   It ain’t pretty, and the calendar is incomplete, etc, etc - but I’m just now starting on it.

Apart from wanting a place to keep a good calendar of local prayer gatherings, I also would love to have some of you guys commit to being period contributors to the site by authoring articles about things the Lord is showing you, teachings, and such.  Please contact me if you’d like to get in on that.  Also, the Lord is really stirring in my heart about establishing a “sacred trust” in the river valley - where we all commit to gather for prayer at specific times each week in a way that includes some accountability to honor those times of needing to be “on the wall.”   I welcome your thoughts on that, too.

Please, pray for health, recovery, and prevention for our Family who are being distracted from their families, their jobs, and from gathering with us for prayer, worship, and relationship.

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