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Joy in His House of Prayer

Hello, Family!

I pray that you and your family were rocked by the realities of this past Holy Week… the Lord drew me back into Isaiah 53 for about 3 weeks leading up to Easter, and would hardly let me sing or think about anything else in my personal devotion times – What a paradox-paradigm in which we have to live and breath and find our being: that He was ‘a man of sorrow and familiar with sufferings’, and was also ‘anointed with the oil of gladness more than his companions’…. and that WE are to ‘fellowship in his sufferings’, yet be filled with ‘joy unspeakable’… This is something that the Lord is going to do this year in the place of prayer all over this region.

He is going to teach us how to fellowship in His sufferings and to come together solemn, with fasting and weeping, crying out and condemning… AND (not BUT)… AND still He will ‘make us joyful in his house of prayer’.

I invite you to join with people from all over the region at The Burn this Saturday at Living Way Four Square Church on Hwy 71 S, just south of Ft Smith. It will be from Noon until Midnight. Come to the Burn ready for personal prayer and devotion, and/or to enter into agreement with the prayers being sang over our region in an environment that we believe is much like it was in the tabernacle that David built when he appointed the singers and musicians to minister before the Lord day-and-night.

Here’s a reminder of our consistent Saturday rotation (that we’re simply refering to as “Pray River Valley” — just so that when I have time to work on our regional prayer website, the domain name will be the same as what we call it (

First Saturday of Every Month
Crossroads Church
250 Rudy Rd, Alma, AR
Prayer Gathering: 6pm - 9pm (drop-in)
Intercessory Worship Training Classes: 3:30 - 5:30pm (RSVP to me, please)

Third Saturday of Every Month
Heritage Church
1604 Pointer Trail, Van Buren, AR
Prayer Gathering: 6pm - 9pm (drop-in)
Intercessory Worship Training Classes: 3:30 - 5:30pm (RSVP to me, please)

Fourth Saturday of Every Month
The Burn - Fort Smith
(locations and times will vary)

There are also many prayer meetings going on in congregations all around the area. Get plugged into yours, and be sure to visit others. I believe the Lord is going to use the prayer movement in a mighty way to establish unity in the Body of Christ… go connect with someone. Personally, my wife and I are praying, worshipping, and doing devotionals every Monday - Thursday at Heritage Church in Van Buren from 11am to 1pm.  Drop in anytime… sometimes musicians are playing and singer live, and sometimes we’ve got worship playing (like the IHOP Webstream) and we’re praying or doing devotionals — come on in!

Manifest Blessings!

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