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His Word Goes Forth

Wow! It’s been over a month since a post - that’s unusual… but the Lord has been doing so much in the Fort Smith River Valley these last several weeks: 3 Great “Pray River Valley” gatherings, a really awesome “The Burn - Fort Smith”, several National Day of Prayer meetings, and a great weekend with our friends Doug & Rita Roberts.

First off - HIS WORD!  What a great time we had on Sunday, April 27th.  I got to lead worship for a group of about 80 1st thru 6th graders as they led the congregation at Heritage Church in Van Buren, Arkansas in worship and in reciting 26 verses from memory (A to Z).  The excitement in me when I hear children speaking scripture, especially scripture committed to memory is unbelievable.

I went straight from there to the Van Buren courthouse where about 100 believers from all over Crawford County gathered to “read the Bible in an hour.”  Slips of paper were distributed that contained chunks of scripture for each person (or family) to read aloud.  All of the slips were picked-up, and the Word of God was proclaimed aloud IN ITS ENTIRETY from about 2pm to 3pm.  Surely His Word will not return void, but accomplish that which it was sent forth to do.

A youth pastor in the area approached me about getting the “Apostolic Prayers” that we use during a lot of our intercessory worship (harp and bowl type) prayer gatherings for use with his youth group that night, and I hear that they spent a good portion of their youth service that night praying and reading scripture aloud, too.  I LOVE IT!!!  His Word is going forth all over county!

Then, this last weekend, Robin and I invited some friends of our in to hang-out and do some ministry with us.  Doug & Rita Roberts brought some incredible authorative teachings and prophetic words to many individuals and to our region this weekend.  We are continually blessed by their revelation of the true Body of Christ, how we should function in-and-through Kingdom relationships, and what in means to “be in Christ”.

Our last Pray River Valley meeting turned more into “Preach River Valley” (haha), but “out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks” and the Lord had a lot of incredibly important and meaninful things to say over the church in the river valley.  Doug shared a solemn word about “the abortion of the fathers” in our region, and how the Lord is wanting spiritual fathers to step-up in our region, and that we should be calling out more for the fathers to arise then for just the Bride to awaken and arise.  He described a picture the Lord was showing him over our region: a spider web.  That this is how the church was functioning at the moment… more like spiders building webs and trying to capture as many people as possible - but how spiderwebs are all about one thing: “feeding the spider”.  And if competing spiders get onto each others’ webs, only the strongest spider will survive.  Unfortunately, that is not spiritual strength or maturity prevailing, because this whole organization and scenario is a soulish one, and not a spiritual one.  What the church is SUPPOSE to be about is feeding and strengthening all of the individuals who gather - not capturing them to “feeding the spider”.

A group came down from the House of Prayer in Siloam Springs, Arkansas and prayed and worshipped with us.  What a faithful group: WE LOVE YOU!  One of the brothers shared a wonderful picture that the Lord was giving him that was both for Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley.  (Our recording stuff wasn’t online, so I’ve asked him to write it down for me, so I don’t mess it up… so I’ll put that up later.)  Thank you, so much, Lord, that Your house will be called a house of prayer for all nations, and that You join together those who heart is turned to You through prayer, and that no competition will ever arise or persist in this beautiful expression of Your body.  Let us be a picture of unity for Your Bride.

Gals and Guys!  The Lord is SOooOOoo pleased with the faithfulness He is finding in Arkansas.  He looks to-and-fro for a man who will stand in the gap for his land.  He is finding them in Arkansas, and will hear our cries, leave a blessing instead of a calamity, heal our land, and cause His light to break forth like the dawn!  Thank you, Lord!

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