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Good Cop, Bad Cop

This week, during a daily lunch-time prayer gathering, the Lord showed me something in Song of Songs that broke my heart.  We see in chapter 3 that the “watchmen” do not impede the betrothed’s search for her Groom, and she is able to quickly find her love (”Good Cops”).  However, in chapter 5, the watchmen strike and wound the bride, and forcefully take her veil from her (”Bad Cops”).  The Lord had me weep over the sad fact, that too often, the watchmen on the walls, those who consider themselves spiritual (which, in and of itself is not a bad thing - see Galations 6:1) - the intercessors and such, too often impede and wound the Bride.

The Lord has asked us to rally the watchmen in the Fort Smith river valley - to call and equip believers in the place of corporately gathered prayer.  One of the main reasons the Lord has asked us to do this is to undergird the believers and their ministries in this area.  We pray and ask the Lord to release more laborers.  We ask the Holy Spirit to empower those already laboring, and to reveal Jesus through the testimony of the Holy Spirit (both divinely and through believers) to this entire geographic region.

During this prayer time, the Lord said in an intense fashion, “It is my right alone to remove the veil from my betrothed.”  Through all of our teachings and compulsion, we can not open anyones eyes to see the value of communion with the Lord or the glory and beauty of our promised Groom, Jesus.  Let us not be found guilty of trying to remove the veil, or awaken love, before He so desires.  Certianly we speak of our love, our personal testimonies, and of our revelations found through diligently studying the scriptures, but we can not try to rank the importance of varying types of christian service/ministry or elements of worship.  The Lord is raising up a diverse, yet unified Bride.

NOTE: I’m speaking of the heavy-handedness that many who are spiritual impress upon the Body of believers - NOT on the pre-believers.  By all means, let us compell the pre-believers to come in. [Luke 14]

Please join us this Saturday at Crossroads Church in Alma, Arkansas for a time of intercessory worship.  There will be a training time at 3:30 for anyone interested in participating on one of our teams, or who would like to receive the training to help grow their own prayer/worship ministries.  The full meeting starts at 6pm and will end around 9pm.  It is a drop-in type meeting, so come for any or all that you can.

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