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I am so encouraged by the amount of prayer and worship that is rising up from the Ft Smith river valley these days -  Yeah, many people might already be stumbling over “why can’t we all do ‘our things’ together in one place each week, month, or whatever,” but I am excited that the enemy is being confronted from so many different angles, and that the Lord is being glorified from so many different places, in so many different expressions.

If the Lord is being glorified, scripture is being sang and/or prayed, and we’re contending for the will, ways, presence, and power of the Lord, decently and in order, who cares if we’re in the same buildings or not.  Yeah, a “good turn-out” would be nice and encouraging sometimes - but an emerging army on many fronts, led by praise, worship, and prayer is good… goooooood.

So - don’t ever slander His Bride, or anyone’s biblical expression of love and devotion to Him.  Be encouraged that the Lord is gathering watchmen in the river valley. 


Comment from Emily Hankin
Time: November 8, 2007, 1:02 pm

I like the “don’t slander His Bride”. I have to remember that we are all one body, and so what if we can’t all meet together and or agree. We are all doing what we can where we are. That has to stand for something. Right? We are “The Bride” of Christ, THE KING! We have an audience with Him anytime and He will grant us up to half His kingdom, what joy could that cause in us, to know our petitions are heard and He wants to hear them, and grant them! PRAISE HIS NAME! Glory be to God! I will praise Him, though He slay me, yet will I trust Him.

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