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A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On…

“And after they had prayed…” Lord, we’re asking You to shake this place - this region, these members, and these living temples, and here are a few corporate prayer times coming up that You are welcome to use.

Sept 7th & 8th @ Crossroads Church in Alma, AR @ 7pm nightly
IHOP-KC Worship & Ministry Team
including Corey & Dana Russell

Every Thursday and Saturday night starting September 27th until the beginning of December (at least)
The Furnace FS @ City Christian Fellowship in Fort Smith, AR
Thursdays 7-9pm (can’t remember who this team will be, but I’ll edit later)
Fridays 6-8pm (team led by Aaron Jackson)

October 20th @ New Wineskins Prayer Room in Brunswick Place, Downtown Fort Smith
10am - 10pm
Solemn Assembly

“From House to House”
We’re already doing this in a really small scale with close friends as I try to find some musicians and ponder how to handle some sound issues without making things too complicated… but, feel free to request a night where we can get together with you and some of your Family to join in prayer and worship for what’s on your hearts and the heart of the Father.


Comment from Aaron
Time: September 14, 2007, 6:41 pm

The Furnace moved the starting date back to the 27th, and we’ll be leading worship and facilitating prayer starting on Saturday the 29th - NOT the 20th & 22nd. Blessings!

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