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Over-cautious is not a word I would use to describe myself when it comes to my fingers and hands, despite how frequently I play my guitar and lead worship these days - but, I typically consider myself a fairly OSHA-compliant worker when it comes to proper lifting, and very Boy-Scout-compliant when it comes to how I handle knives, pass knives, etc. [More…]

The Blind Recover

I often share this testimony when I teach about prayer, faith, and hearing from the Lord - but it’s such a powerful testimony of how the Lord really works (versus how we’d like Him to work), that I really felt like I needed to post it today. [More…]


There is a “unity banquet” at the glass pavilion (”riverfront pavilion”) in Ft Smith this Friday night (Nov 9th) at either 6:30 or 7:00pm. [More…]


I am so encouraged by the amount of prayer and worship that is rising up from the Ft Smith river valley these days -  Yeah, many people might already be stumbling over “why can’t we all do ‘our things’ together in one place each week, month, or whatever,” but I am excited that the enemy is being confronted from so many different angles, and that the Lord is being glorified from so many different places, in so many different expressions. [More…]

Homeschool and other acts of obedience.

We knew before we were married that we would home school our future children. [More…]

The Fruit

Even though the Lord has called us to “equip believers in effectual fervent prayer and worship”, He is actually about that work whether we’re even conscious of it or not - take a few weekends ago, for example. [More…]

The Lid

Even though Robin and I are having some difficulties adjusting to the time demands of all of the things we are committed to right now, I felt like I was suppose to say yes to a request for some emergency computer help for a believer from another country, who has basically been used by the Lord to start one of the most effective and wide-spread christian works (read ‘church’ - i. [More…]

Paradigm of His Presence

The first few chapters of the book of Jeremiah are rocking my world - and I pray that they really rock “my world” - ya know, earth, but more specifically, the River Valley region… how much our nation reminds me of the nation of Judah during the reign of king Josiah. [More…]

Prophetic Dream?

This post is rated PG - just because it’s a little dark and intense, but, if you’re not a 12-year-old prone to intense nightmares triggered by moderate intensity, then you should check this out — wow, I justed the word ‘intense’ (and a derivative) far too many times in one sentence. [More…]

Give Love

Oh, give them love!
No matter believers or pre-believers just give them love. [More…]

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