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Spirit of Elijah - Why?

What is the significance of “the spirit and power of Elijah”, and why do many present-day believers feel like it will be released again?  Wasn’t John the Baptist the fulfillment of this prophecy found in Malachi 4?  The angel that visited Zacharias (John’s dad) even quote that exact passage.” [More…]

What is an Apostolic Prayer?

Every week, we try to rally people in our region together to pray and worship - and we always encourage them to try to “pray the Word”, instead of just praying completely out of their own brain!  You wouldn’t believe on how many levels it helps to know that when someone is praying it is directly from the Bible, and hopefully very near to the original context. [More…]


In a world full of self-help and performance-driven evaluations it can be difficult for a believer to really embrace that they need other people - it is a requirement; it is the Church… it’s the way “a body” is suppose to work. [More…]

Deeper, Lord, Deeper

How many of you remembering hearing the word, and many phrases including the word, “Deeper” A LOT starting about 10 years ago? It was prayed; it was sung; it was cried-out… well, I think the Lord is about to answer that request, but it isn’t going to look (or feel) like people thought it would. [More…]

His Word Goes Forth

Wow! It’s been over a month since a post - that’s unusual… but the Lord has been doing so much in the Fort Smith River Valley these last several weeks: 3 Great “Pray River Valley” gatherings, a really awesome “The Burn - Fort Smith”, several National Day of Prayer meetings, and a great weekend with our friends Doug & Rita Roberts. [More…]

Intimacy Begets Outreach

So maybe everyone else in the world has made this connection, but today during my lunch-time intercessory worship set, I was singing and praying out of Song of Songs chapter 5 and the Lord opened up something to me in His Word:  the closer we get to Him, and the more set-apart we become, the more He will call us back out into the world to share with others about Him… granted, I already suspected this and even encouraged it, but –BAM– it’s different when the Lord gives it to You rhema-style. [More…]

Joy in His House of Prayer

Hello, Family!
I pray that you and your family were rocked by the realities of this past Holy Week… the Lord drew me back into Isaiah 53 for about 3 weeks leading up to Easter, and would hardly let me sing or think about anything else in my personal devotion times – What a paradox-paradigm in which we have to live and breath and find our being: that He was ‘a man of sorrow and familiar with sufferings’, and was also ‘anointed with the oil of gladness more than his companions’…. [More…]

Such Contradictions

Surely it is not just Christians that have to deal with the constant barrage of criticism from each other… surely it is just human nature to be so critical of anyone who is earnestly and honestly just trying to do what they feel like they’re suppose to be doing - Yes, that is it - it is NOT unique to the Christian community to be so judgemental… I think I know what it is. [More…]

Good Cop, Bad Cop

This week, during a daily lunch-time prayer gathering, the Lord showed me something in Song of Songs that broke my heart. [More…]

A Cancer-Free Zone

I believe it was back in September during a solemn assembly hosted by the New Wineskins Prayer Room in downtown Ft Smith, when the Lord began to have us sing about “a cancer-free zone” in the Fort Smith river valley… that He was wanting to give the Church in this region authority over cancer, and that He would provide alternative occupations for oncologists if we would press-in and contend for this prophetic invitation He was offering us - so far, there are 4 confirmed “we’re positive it’s cancer because of it’s growth signatures, but we prayed, and the biopsies have come back completely cancer-free” and 2 (maybe 3) miraculous complete healings of people who were cancer-ridden and living on borrowed/prescribed time by their doctors… all in about 6 weeks time — the Lord is up to something in the river valley. [More…]

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