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Long time, No seeds

Wow! It’s been like three months since the last post - but they’ve been very fruitful months (we could chalk it up to “stop blogging about it, and just do it”). [More…]

January Partnership Opportunities

This post is a continuation/supplement to our January Partner Update humbling outlining some of our current needs and partnership opportunities. [More…]

Rally the Watchmen

I believe the Lord is calling me to rally the worshippers and prayer leaders who will help serve and facilitate consistent prayer and worship in the Fort Smith River Valley, and that the first three to six months of 2008 are critical;  He has promised to “make a way” for those who will make specific time commitments… are you heeding the call?
My biggest concern in this season is NOT the facility, it’s the facilitators. [More…]

August & September Support Report

Now that the Jacksons are back in town and have had a chance to sure-up some of the things the Lord has asked us to do, we have put together our “normal budget” for living the life Jesus has called us to in this season, and are posting it here as a part of our call for an “Open Book Policy”. [More…]

Spirit of Death

NOTE:  Because it has pained my heart to see how some people could have misunderstood some things I had original wrote in this article to be an accusation or judgement on people, I have removed the portion of this post that was being  misinterpreted. [More…]

Vehicles - Who needs’em?

When we made our first trip to Kansas City in my 1993 Isuzu Trooper pulling a trailer with our kids beds, my brake light came on (on the dash board). [More…]

Redeem the Tithe

In case you didn’t hear the crazy testimony of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness to speak clearly and provide precisely for our trip to Kansas City for the three month internship that we are currently in the first week of (at the time of this writing) I’ll post more about that later. [More…]

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