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Archive for 'Life Blurbs'

“You have the right…”

Fellow Christians:
You DO NOT have the right perform “a special” on Sunday morning. [More…]

“I want to be different…”

This weekend I posted something that apparently lacked some clarity and resulted in a firestorm of misunderstanding that really pained my heart and frustrated my mind. [More…]

The Coffee Debate

I like it!
It tastes good, it’s an easily acquired addiction and I’ve heard it stunts your growth! Why would you not drink it?
What I don’t like is coffee breath, coffee stains, coffee snobs and the high acidity of coffee. [More…]

Some to be Pastors…

In His incredible Mercy, He gave me Sandy Mitchell. [More…]


I used to feel constantly overwhelmed with the daily life of raising three small children. [More…]

Inner City Kids

It’s not often (okay, ever) that I feel eager or excited about going-to and/or doing something - anything. [More…]

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