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Saturday, January 12th

Although we do not yet have a consistent host for the second Saturdays of each month, Heritage Church in Van Buren will be having a prayer vigil and worship time specifically for the military personel and their families deployed from our region… the vigil is from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday, with the worship portion happening from 6pm to about 8pm. [More…]

Local Prayer Gatherings

As promised, here is a list of the local prayer meetings that I know about in our area ( Alma, Van Buren, Fort Smith, etc); contact me if you would like me to add any meetings of which you may know. [More…]


There is a “unity banquet” at the glass pavilion (”riverfront pavilion”) in Ft Smith this Friday night (Nov 9th) at either 6:30 or 7:00pm. [More…]


I am so encouraged by the amount of prayer and worship that is rising up from the Ft Smith river valley these days -  Yeah, many people might already be stumbling over “why can’t we all do ‘our things’ together in one place each week, month, or whatever,” but I am excited that the enemy is being confronted from so many different angles, and that the Lord is being glorified from so many different places, in so many different expressions. [More…]

Sweet Bay Today!

This afternoon 1pm-2pm, Aaron is playing at Sweet Bay Coffee Shop at the Park. [More…]

Gatherings for Sept & Oct

Here are some of the public gatherings that I know about for September and October. [More…]

Houses of Prayer

Jesus asks the question in Luke 18, “when the Son of man comes, will He find faith on the earth?” He’s asking if people would pray persistently and expect to be heard. [More…]

A Whole Lot of Shaking Going On…

“And after they had prayed…” Lord, we’re asking You to shake this place - this region, these members, and these living temples, and here are a few corporate prayer times coming up that You are welcome to use. [More…]

Not Despised

We are certianly not despising small beginnings - the Lord has really shown up the last two weekends as we’ve gathered for prayer and worship with believers from the area. [More…]

From House to House

The Jacksons have arrived safely back to Arkansas, and we’re excited about the things the Lord is giving to us to do - do you want in on it?
First, we really missed you guys, our “Family with a Big F” - and we can’t wait to get to reconnect with you. [More…]

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