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The last few weeks the Lord has been speaking a very similar word and stirring up a very similar sentiment in believers throughout the river valley - calamity & judgement are planned, but the Lord is delaying;  He is asking, “Is there anyone who will stand in the gap for their land?” (Ezekiel 22)  Join us this Saturday, June 8th at Crossroads Church in Alma from 6pm to 9pm as believers from all over the region gather together, in one accord, to exalt the Lord and pray His Scriptures and His prayers. [More…]

Latest Schedule

Here is the latest Pray River Valley schedule, but first, pardon me while I put a bunch of relevant words in a rambling, somewhat grammatical context so that people from all over the Fort Smith River Valley region, including Alma - Van Buren - Ft Smith - Greenwood - Cedarville - Charleston - Booneville - Lavaca - etc - who have been looking for this website and for various prayer, worship, fasting, gathering, intercession, intercessory worship, solemn assembly, and harp and bowl type meetings will have a better chance of finding us on Google and other search engines…  There, I think I’m done. [More…]

His Word Goes Forth

Wow! It’s been over a month since a post - that’s unusual… but the Lord has been doing so much in the Fort Smith River Valley these last several weeks: 3 Great “Pray River Valley” gatherings, a really awesome “The Burn - Fort Smith”, several National Day of Prayer meetings, and a great weekend with our friends Doug & Rita Roberts. [More…]

Joy in His House of Prayer

Hello, Family!
I pray that you and your family were rocked by the realities of this past Holy Week… the Lord drew me back into Isaiah 53 for about 3 weeks leading up to Easter, and would hardly let me sing or think about anything else in my personal devotion times – What a paradox-paradigm in which we have to live and breath and find our being: that He was ‘a man of sorrow and familiar with sufferings’, and was also ‘anointed with the oil of gladness more than his companions’…. [More…]

March 14th, 15th, 16th

This weekend (March 14th-16th) a team from the International House of Prayer - Kansas City (led by Corey Russell) will be at Crossroads Church in Alma, Arkansas for one of our regularly scheduled weekend gatherings… our normal Saturday intercessory worship gatherings will join-up with folks from all around the Ft Smith River Valley region instead of meeting at Heritage Church in Van Buren as we normally do on the third Saturday of each month - we hope to see you there!
As has been the trend, the team from IHOP is once again ramping-up their offerings to our region. [More…]

Good Cop, Bad Cop

This week, during a daily lunch-time prayer gathering, the Lord showed me something in Song of Songs that broke my heart. [More…]

Saturday, February 16th

There’s just an unreal amount of people out with flu-like symptoms this week, but we are pressing on and in this week at Heritage Church in Van Buren - this is a community-wide intercessory worship gathering from 6pm to 9pm (drop-in for any or all). [More…]

Example of Intercessory Worship

I certianly make no claim to greatness of musical skill, nor fall prey to false humily too often, but, although I realize my pitch isn’t too great a lot of the time, I thought I’d give you a taste of one of our recent gatherings via an audio clip. [More…]

Better Than Wine

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and found myself tired all day today - but I’m at a prayer gathering tonight (hosted and led by teenagers and young adults - woo hoo) and found myself thinking over and over, “Your Love, Oh Lord, is really better than wine.” [More…]

Saturday, January 19th

The more-and-more consistent Saturday prayer gatherings will be hosted at Heritage Church in Van Buren, Arkansas, on Saturday, January 19th from 6pm to 9pm… training on the “intercessory worship model” that we are using and developing will start at 3:30pm - all are welcome!
Our first one of these, Saturday the 5th, went very well according to all of the feedback I have received. [More…]

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