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Rally the Watchmen

I believe the Lord is calling me to rally the worshippers and prayer leaders who will help serve and facilitate consistent prayer and worship in the Fort Smith River Valley, and that the first three to six months of 2008 are critical;  He has promised to “make a way” for those who will make specific time commitments… are you heeding the call?
My biggest concern in this season is NOT the facility, it’s the facilitators. [More…]

Burn the Bridges, part 1

Last November I was asked by the company which employed me as a Systems Analyst/Developer (computer programmer) to go and work in a tire factory for an indefinite period of time. [More…]

Burn the Bridges, part 2

Much to my bride’s surprise, I agreed to go to a conference in Kansas City in early March 2007…
We have a lot of very dear friends in Kansas City serving at the International House of Prayer (IHOP) as intercessory missionaries - some since before the actual IHOP prayer room was even going. [More…]

Colors and Melodies

When I was about 8 years old I had a dream. [More…]

“May Day” part 1

Robin and I felt like the Lord was asking us to go to an internship in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer (IHOP), but we weren’t positive (read this post about “Hearing God”). [More…]

“May Day” part 2

[continued from “May Day” part 1] 
They wanted to pay for the entire trip to Kansas City. [More…]

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