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“May Day” part 2

[continued from “May Day” part 1

They wanted to pay for the entire trip to Kansas City.  The tuition for the internship, the travel, our monthly living budget while we were there - everything.

The Lord had asked me to create three budgets for the internship, if we were to go: an “abase”, a “normal”, and an “abound”.  I told the donor this, and they asked me to send all three budgets to them, and they felt like the “abase” was a little “too abased”, and they agreed to write the check for the “normal” version, plus the Kansas City related expenses.

Of course, there’s always something - and Robin and I had been very torn over what to do with our house in Van Buren.  Do we fix it up and try to sell it? rent it? It was hard to imagine being able to pay two sets of house payments for four months, but, we also didn’t have the cash to spare to try and do the repairs and things we felt necessary before renting or selling it.  Well, the donor said, “I also felt like you were worrying about what to do with your house in Van Buren, and the Lord doesn’t want that to be a distraction - so, I’m going to pay that mortgage for the four months, too.”

Wow - that looked like a great big, “Yes!” from the Lord to us.  But, to top it all off…

The donor had a vision from the Lord that prompted them to do all of this, and in that vision the Lord was saying, “May Day! May Day!”  Of course the immediate assumption when you hear that is, “Help! Help!” but they asked the Lord what that meant and He told them two things: ”Urgency!” and “The day in May.”  When they relayed that to us, it immediately bore witness in our spirit as all of the above, “We need to go as soon as possible, which is the internship that starts in May, and we were glad to have the help.”


Comment from Casey Jo Bailey
Time: July 31, 2007, 11:25 pm

Thank you for sharing such a powerful testimony of the Lord’s hand on your life. It inspires me because I am taking a year’s leave from Alma High to focus on His will rather than my own. I’ve had a few moments of uncertainty and anxiety when I consider the fact that we will be depending on only one paycheck. However, I am trusting that my husband and I are at the beginning of a BIG plan that involves helping young people who need to experience the love of Christ in a whole new way. You and Robin are blessings. I appreciate your example.

Comment from Aaron
Time: August 1, 2007, 7:17 am

“Yes, Lord! Bless Casey Jo and their family as they step into this new season of waiting and trusting You. And, yes, Lord - we agree with Casey Jo that this IS the beginning of a really BIG plan, and that You will equip them in whatever way is needed to help people experience Your love.”

Wow - I read back over these posts and realized how many of the details I left out that make our testimony all the more stunning and obviously divine… it’s so hard to balance succinct and profound.

We definitely see hooking up for some little “house parties” to share what the Lord has done, what we see Him wanting to do, and to hear what all the Lord is saying to the rest of our/His Family. We can’t wait to see you guys back in Arkansas!

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