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“May Day” part 1

Robin and I felt like the Lord was asking us to go to an internship in Kansas City at the International House of Prayer (IHOP), but we weren’t positive (read this post about “Hearing God”).  We were positive He’d asked us to do the unthinkable and humiliating thing of “Burning the Bridges” of our full-time, secular, vocational support, but we didn’t know if moving to Kansas City for some training was a definite part of His plan for our family or not.

We had a choice: do the internship in August, do the internship in May, or don’t do it at all.  We had told people that we were trying to decide whether to go or not, but we didn’t mention August vs. May to anyone at this point.

It was a Sunday night - THE Sunday night - the night before my last day as a computer programmer for Wingfoot Commercial Tire, and Robin and I were having some “couch-time” in the living room and decided, “We have to get a clear ‘Yes’ or a clear ‘No’ from the Lord about this.”  So, we asked the Lord for that very thing.  “Lord, either open the door or close it.  If You want us to go, You’re going to have to provide a way for us to go - financially, logistically, emotionally, everything.  We know that we can ‘plan our way’ but You will have to ‘order our steps’.  Let Your will be done and Your kingdom come in the lives of the Jacksons, Lord.”

Ok… so… no audible voice or anything.  But, we went to bed in unity, knowing that it was really in His hands (…ahem… feeling pretty good about our prayer, as if it made us completely confident it was in His hands - is more like it).

The next day, there was a pretty constant flow of co-workers coming by my cubicle.  A consistently asked question was, “So, how are you going to support your family again?”  To which I could only say, “we’re just going to trust the Lord and do the things He wants us to do, and trust He’ll provide through a combination of the people’s generosity and/or obedience to the Lord, or through ‘tent-making’ as He leads me… blah blah blah.”  Which I’m sure translated to many of them as, “I have no idea.  I am a slacker who is going to let my family starve.”

My programming peers took me to lunch, at which the same question got asked a couple of more times, followed by the same awkward, “..oh.. okay.”  (Don’t get me wrong, they were great and gracious, and maybe it was my self-consciousness reading into it some.)  Then, when we got back to the cube farm there was an e-mail waiting for me.  It was from someone who had gotten our ”Vision Casting letter” and felt like the Lord asked them to give a gift to us.

Read “May Day” part 2.

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