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Burn the Bridges, part 1

Last November I was asked by the company which employed me as a Systems Analyst/Developer (computer programmer) to go and work in a tire factory for an indefinite period of time.  Robin and I had just gotten serious about getting completely out of debt and were praying and discussing strategies and business ideas to see how we would be able to do that as quickly and efficiently as possible - and this opportunity was, well, opportune.

I moved about 6 hours north of my bride and beautiful children for about 7 weeks - my first extended time away from them - ever.  Until that trip, I had only experienced the emotion of “missing someone” one other time in my life, and couldn’t honestly say that I knew what it even WAS to “miss someone”.  Well, working 12 hour days and being stuck in a hotel was enough to allow me to come to first-hand knowledge of what “missing” was.

During that time, I was able to spend a lot of time in prayer and private worship (though it was very hard not to just “veg” to the TV every night, alone).  The Lord gave me a clear vision of what He wanted me to be doing with my life.  No time-frame, but a very strong impression with some very clear tasks and purposes.  When I told Robin about it, she responded with a resounding, “Yes - that is the Lord.”  The “title” the Lord summed it up with was “itinerate worshiper” - but not necessarily in a nation-wide sense, but in the sense of serving the Body of Christ in a particular region.

Within weeks of being back home in Arkansas, the Lord created opportunities for me to do exactly what He showed me as examples of what I would be doing in this new role as a “worship facilitator & equipper”.  Robin and I had discussed this with NO ONE at the time, and the exact examples were coming to pass.

 The Almighty was up to something… [Read “Burn the Bridges, part 2″]

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