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Why did “Like David Did” get formed?

In response to a very clear call from the Lord (see the “Burn the Bridges” posts), Aaron and Robin Jackson legally formed this organization in April of 2007.  In May of 2007, Aaron and Robin moved to Kansas City, Missouri for 3 months for an intense time of receiving training, gaining clarity and unity together in this calling, and devoted to fasting and prayer.

We believe that the Lord has “called us out” to help equip, facilitate, and join with others in establishing consistent, corporate prayer and worship in our region, as well as to help individuals (most importantly) find a true place of friendship-with and victory-through their Lord and Bridegroom, Jesus.

We believe that the Lord is going to establish a place for consistent, corporate prayer and worship in our region (the Fort Smith River Valley area) that will be staffed with voluntary intercessory missionaries who have devoted their lives to the Lord, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and to the equipping and/or serving of the saints.  It is our intention for this institutional entity to be the legal financial “covering” for these ministers as they receive various types of financial support.

Are you guys all wrapped up in the “iffy intimacy” or “Latter Rain” stuff?

No.  We agree with Jesus that “the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord our God with all of our heart, all of our soul, all of our mind, and all of our strength”, and that trying to walk in this love for God, or in love for self or others without spending time seeking and pursuing the Lord through the scriptures, prayer, worship, and fellowship is futile.  This futility has led the modern american church to its current state of revelatory, relational, and spiritual barreness.  But, we believe that most believers are doing the best they know to do - and the Lord loves them (and us) even in our immature and incomplete expressions of love and devotion to Him.

I have yet to find anywhere in scripture where the Lord asks us to love Him with “eros” love (from which we get the word “erotic”), so we are very careful not to cross (or even approach) any thing like that.  However, just as in Jesus’ hebrew culture, we desparetly seek the type of phileo and agape love that found “the disciple whom Jesus loved” leaning on his chest at the dinner table, and “the woman of whom shall always be remembered” wiping His feet with her tears and hair, and found the “lazy sister” (ahem) sitting at the feet of Jesus in that “better place”, and left “the man after God’s own heart” proclaiming “one thing I ask and I would seek, to see His beauty.  To find Him in the place His glory dwells.” (Not to mention the hundreds of other places David sings of abandoned and passionate pursuit to know and see the Almighty even while still here on the earth.)

We believe this type of intimacy, the whole-hearted pursuit of the Lord through scripture, prayer, worship, The Fellowship, and the Holy Spirit, is the foundation from which all other works and deeds overflow.

Do you have any ties to a particular church or denomination?

All ministers who are a part of “Like David Did” are members of local church bodies and are in (verified) submission to their local church leadership.  We believe that The Local Church is “the storehouse” and a key place of “assembling yourselves together” that should not be forsaken.  Currently, the members of Like David Did come from predominantly cross-denominational congregations with some ties to methodist congregations that follow the original Wesley beliefs and tenants.  Apart from these “home church” requirements, our ministers are accountable to believers all over our area through real “Family of God” relationships that extend through many denominations and congregations.

Are you another “para-church” organization?

No. All believers in Jesus Christ who have believed in their hearts and confessed with their mouths that ”Jesus is Lord” have been “called out” from the world and are thus “ekklesia” (the word most often translated to ‘church’ in the New Testament).  So, along with all of the other believers and congregations in our region, we are “the church”.

We are passionate about The Bride of Christ - the Family of God, and about real relationship building.  We are committed to The Local Church, and are resolved to serve her and not compete with her, nor slander her.  Even in our immature expressions of love (we all have them) and our attempts to “have church”, the Lord delights in all of us - so much so that He will surely discipline us as well (Hebrews 12).

Legal Information. 

“Like David Did” is the organizational entity formed by some folks in the Van Buren, Arkansas area for the purpose of prayer, worship, fellowship, and other ministry service.  Our official IRS designation is “church”, which aligns with the true biblical definition of the word, “the called out ones”.

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