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Archive for June, 2008

Deeper, Lord, Deeper

How many of you remembering hearing the word, and many phrases including the word, “Deeper” A LOT starting about 10 years ago? It was prayed; it was sung; it was cried-out… well, I think the Lord is about to answer that request, but it isn’t going to look (or feel) like people thought it would. [More…]


The last few weeks the Lord has been speaking a very similar word and stirring up a very similar sentiment in believers throughout the river valley - calamity & judgement are planned, but the Lord is delaying;  He is asking, “Is there anyone who will stand in the gap for their land?” (Ezekiel 22)  Join us this Saturday, June 8th at Crossroads Church in Alma from 6pm to 9pm as believers from all over the region gather together, in one accord, to exalt the Lord and pray His Scriptures and His prayers. [More…]

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