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Archive for February, 2008

Good Cop, Bad Cop

This week, during a daily lunch-time prayer gathering, the Lord showed me something in Song of Songs that broke my heart. [More…]

Saturday, February 16th

There’s just an unreal amount of people out with flu-like symptoms this week, but we are pressing onĀ and in this week at Heritage Church in Van Buren - this is a community-wide intercessory worship gathering from 6pm to 9pm (drop-in for any or all). [More…]

Example of Intercessory Worship

I certianly make no claim to greatness of musical skill, nor fall prey to false humily too often, but, although I realize my pitch isn’t too great a lot of the time, I thought I’d give you a taste of one of our recent gatherings via an audio clip. [More…]

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