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Archive for January, 2008

January Partner Update

Hello to our faithful partners and friends. [More…]

January Partnership Opportunities

This post is a continuation/supplement to our January Partner Update humbling outlining some of our current needs and partnership opportunities. [More…]

A Cancer-Free Zone

I believe it was back in September during a solemn assembly hosted by the New Wineskins Prayer Room in downtown Ft Smith, when the Lord began to have us sing about “a cancer-free zone” in the Fort Smith river valley… that He was wanting to give the Church in this region authority over cancer, and that He would provide alternative occupations for oncologists if we would press-in and contend for this prophetic invitation He was offering us - so far, there are 4 confirmed “we’re positive it’s cancer because of it’s growth signatures, but we prayed, and the biopsies have come back completely cancer-free” and 2 (maybe 3) miraculous complete healings of people who were cancer-ridden and living on borrowed/prescribed time by their doctors… all in about 6 weeks time — the Lord is up to something in the river valley. [More…]

Better Than Wine

I didn’t sleep very well last night, and found myself tired all day today - but I’m at a prayer gathering tonight (hosted and led by teenagers and young adults - woo hoo) and found myself thinking over and over, “Your Love, Oh Lord, is really better than wine.” [More…]

Saturday, January 19th

The more-and-more consistent Saturday prayer gatherings will be hosted at Heritage Church in Van Buren, Arkansas, on Saturday, January 19th from 6pm to 9pm… training on the “intercessory worship model” that we are using and developing will start at 3:30pm - all are welcome!
Our first one of these, Saturday the 5th, went very well according to all of the feedback I have received. [More…]

Saturday, January 12th

Although we do not yet have a consistent host for the second Saturdays of each month, Heritage Church in Van Buren will be having a prayer vigil and worship time specifically for the military personel and their families deployed from our region… the vigil is from midnight on Friday to midnight on Saturday, with the worship portion happening from 6pm to about 8pm. [More…]

Local Prayer Gatherings

As promised, here is a list of the local prayer meetings that I know about in our area ( Alma, Van Buren, Fort Smith, etc); contact me if you would like me to add any meetings of which you may know. [More…]

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