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Over-cautious is not a word I would use to describe myself when it comes to my fingers and hands, despite how frequently I play my guitar and lead worship these days - but, I typically consider myself a fairly OSHA-compliant worker when it comes to proper lifting, and very Boy-Scout-compliant when it comes to how I handle knives, pass knives, etc. [More…]

The Blind Recover

I often share this testimony when I teach about prayer, faith, and hearing from the Lord - but it’s such a powerful testimony of how the Lord really works (versus how we’d like Him to work), that I really felt like I needed to post it today. [More…]


There is a “unity banquet” at the glass pavilion (”riverfront pavilion”) in Ft Smith this Friday night (Nov 9th) at either 6:30 or 7:00pm. [More…]


I am so encouraged by the amount of prayer and worship that is rising up from the Ft Smith river valley these days -  Yeah, many people might already be stumbling over “why can’t we all do ‘our things’ together in one place each week, month, or whatever,” but I am excited that the enemy is being confronted from so many different angles, and that the Lord is being glorified from so many different places, in so many different expressions. [More…]

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