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Archive for August, 2007

Not Despised

We are certianly not despising small beginnings - the Lord has really shown up the last two weekends as we’ve gathered for prayer and worship with believers from the area. [More…]

August & September Support Report

Now that the Jacksons are back in town and have had a chance to sure-up some of the things the Lord has asked us to do, we have put together our “normal budget” for living the life Jesus has called us to in this season, and are posting it here as a part of our call for an “Open Book Policy”. [More…]

Paradigm of His Presence

The first few chapters of the book of Jeremiah are rocking my world - and I pray that they really rock “my world” - ya know, earth, but more specifically, the River Valley region… how much our nation reminds me of the nation of Judah during the reign of king Josiah. [More…]

From House to House

The Jacksons have arrived safely back to Arkansas, and we’re excited about the things the Lord is giving to us to do - do you want in on it?
First, we really missed you guys, our “Family with a Big F” - and we can’t wait to get to reconnect with you. [More…]

Prophetic Dream?

This post is rated PG - just because it’s a little dark and intense, but, if you’re not a 12-year-old prone to intense nightmares triggered by moderate intensity, then you should check this out — wow, I justed the word ‘intense’ (and a derivative) far too many times in one sentence. [More…]

Audio Clips

Here are some clips from the worship team I’m on in the new Justice Prayer Room (part of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City). [More…]

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