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Archive for July, 2007

Partnership Letter - August 2007

We are consumed with zeal for the house of the Lord. [More…]

Give Love

Oh, give them love!
No matter believers or pre-believers just give them love. [More…]

100 portraits

The band 100 portraits came and ministered to us this past weekend at a house show. [More…]


Do you love her? God has been developing this love for a continent I’ve never been to before. [More…]

Family with a Big ‘F’

One of the things adjectives (yes, it makes the transition into an adjective just fine) that Robin and I always use to describe the congregation we met and fell in love in (Grace Covenant Church) is “Family”; one of the things that made it very hard for us to venture out and plug into a new congregation when the Lord was shaking us up was an obvious lack of the same in so many congregations. [More…]


  To Commune with God how much do we have to let our guard down during a worship time or teaching or even a quiet time before we can commune with Him. [More…]

“You have the right…”

Fellow Christians:
You DO NOT have the right perform “a special” on Sunday morning. [More…]

“I want to be different…”

This weekend I posted something that apparently lacked some clarity and resulted in a firestorm of misunderstanding that really pained my heart and frustrated my mind. [More…]

Grace or Mercy?

Who hasn’t heard the time-honored descriptions of grace and mercy where grace is “getting what you do not deserve” and mercy is “not getting what you do deserve”… The Lord has given me such a new, active, and alive definition for grace that is so obvious it will just make you sick. [More…]

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