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Archive for June, 2007

The Coffee Debate

I like it!
It tastes good, it’s an easily acquired addiction and I’ve heard it stunts your growth! Why would you not drink it?
What I don’t like is coffee breath, coffee stains, coffee snobs and the high acidity of coffee. [More…]

Some to be Pastors…

In His incredible Mercy, He gave me Sandy Mitchell. [More…]

Spirit of Death

NOTE:  Because it has pained my heart to see how some people could have misunderstood some things I had original wrote in this article to be an accusation or judgement on people, I have removed the portion of this post that was being  misinterpreted. [More…]

No Matter What

There I was in the hospital room, that icey Arkansas December 2000. [More…]

Radical Obedience

Don’t you hate it when the Lord tells you something, and you realize that He had already told you that same thing like 9 years ago, and you haven’t been living it out. [More…]


I used to feel constantly overwhelmed with the daily life of raising three small children. [More…]

Not By Works?

There is a deceptive teaching in the modern American church that has been derived, just like all of the recorded deceptions of the Father of Lies, from truth, but askewed and fashioned out of partialities. [More…]

Subscribing to Our Blog

You now have the ability to ”subscribe” to our blog. [More…]

All of Your Heart

I am one of those guys that the Lord gave a revelation of how our emotions were created specifically for Him; by Him. [More…]

Inner City Kids

It’s not often (okay, ever) that I feel eager or excited about going-to and/or doing something - anything. [More…]

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